When your patience is tested…


You know those nights when the kids come so close to convincing you that they are spawn of the devil…

When you screech multiple times at the top of your lungs…

When you say the same thing 1,000times (specifically an instruction in this case) and they look at you like you’re speaking Spanglish…

When you have to make them sit and eat in silence at opposite sides of an 8-seater dining room table…

When you look at the clock convinced it’s bedtime and it’s 2min past the last time you looked…

When you feel your blood boiling and even your ears burning with rage anger…

When a smack on the bum does @#$& all

Well that’s the kind of night I had today guys. “Suicide hour” has nothing on what tonight was!!! This was that on steroids 😁 When people ask me how my kids are and I respond…they’re lucky to be alive…well tonight, they were damn lucky, hehe. 

In fact, if my heart didn’t ooze with such love for my two rugrats, I would honestly have shut them in a room tonight and opened a bottle of wine with a straw while watching the World Cup! Kidding…or not 😉

Thank goodness for bedtime and a good stiff shot for mama bear.

Have a good evening y’all xxx


This running thing, it’s no joke!

Guys, why is it that being fit is so expensive.  I honestly don’t understand it!  Whether it’s doing a sport or eating better – it’s just expensive.  Gym fees, bicycle prices, entering races, quinoa (however you say it…cannot be bothered to spell it!!), fruit etc.  It just all.costs.so.much.money 😦

Anyway, back to this running thing…

So I’ve been running for the last 3months.  I started it as a way to get fit, 3times a week.  The first day, my sister and I took a fast paced walk to the shop down the road.  It was probably around 1km, not even, and I was out of breathe when we got back.  Not having done any form of exercise in more than a year, I thought I would stick to that short distance for a few days, see how it went, but the brave in me knew it was silly.  And so that walk almost immediately turned into a longer distance, then walk/jog on the third day, then increasing the pace, and not even a week later, running.  I was so proud of myself.  With every run (even though at the time, it was only about 2.5km), I felt stronger and felt like I had accomplished something great.  Then I entered the Soweto 10km race that’s happening in November thinking I would be able to get there by then – that was about a week and a half ago, I was running 5km once a week at least and shorter distances otherwise, mostly due to time constraints and the fact that now that it’s winter, it’s gets dark so bloody early!!  Well, the over achiever in me (surely you guys know me well enough by now 😉 )…yesterday I ran 8km.  8kms guys!!!!  That 8kms came with great pride and a sense of achievement…it also came with chaffed inner thighs and yet another blister prompting me to go up to the shops and get somebody to check out whether I’m wearing the right shoes, right socks etc.

Anyhoo, off I went on my own, with a plan to check out my options – I need a new running wardrobe if I’m going to take this running thing seriously!  I walked into the shop with my sandals and my pretty linen pants and was directed to the right guy to speak to.  He instructed me to get on the treadmill…the treadmill that is right in the middle of the shop where everybody and their brother can see you…WHY do they do tha???  Can it not be hidden in the back corner!  So I take off my sandals, roll up my pants, and he says to get on the treadmill, press 8 and start walking.  I start walking and 2seconds later, I have to run, that’s how fast the treadmill is going.  I was clueless!  I mean, on the treadmills I know, you need to start at 0 and up the speed to get to 8.  You don’t just press 8 and move.  Wow.  There I was trying to run gracefully in-store.  A few minutes later, he tells me to get off and come and look at his analysis so that he can explain it.  Guys…firstly, I look so strange running.  All I could think of was how it must have looked to the other shoppers.  Then I look, like actually look at the picture and my feet guys…black like I’d been walking on the road barefoot for an hour at least.  After that embarrassment ( 🙂 ), he proceeded to tell me which shoes would be best for my wider-than-usual feet.

The two options – R2,500 each.

Then I asked him about the socks…the best pair to wear…R200 each!

Then on to the pants seeing as though the pair I have now caused such bad chaffing yesterday (all my pants are large so the crotches basically hang which probably contributes to this!!)…the best pair are Nike branded, R600 each.

And then if I can’t afford any of those things now, at least for the chaffing, as a short term solution, I can get an anti-chaffing cream…R400 a bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the things that I’m loving about being on the road is that there is no cost attached to the exercise right?!  WRONG.  If I am to be serious about this, it looks like I will have to invest, at least in a good pair of shoes…

My mum suggested that I add the comrades to my bucket list for 40 now that I’m enjoying running so much.  I refused outright.  I have no inclination to do that.  But then again, neither did I have an inclination to do 10kms 3months ago 😉  While watching the race yesterday, I kept thinking there’s no way, not a chance.  And then I saw the runners who were on crutches, one leg, wheel chairs, disabled in other way…if they can, surely abled bodied people can do it if they put their minds to it…just saying.

It’s a boy…

…the gynae said, at my 16week check-up.  And I had a little bit of a sad moment (I was secretly hoping for the pigeon pair and was convinced I was having a girl!), but then the gynae told me that one of the benefits of having same sex kids is one high school drop off and pick up, hehe.  And when I sat by myself and thought about it, I was even more excited at the prospect of DAD AND HIS BOYS spending time alone together.  Whether it be on the soccer field, go-karting or even just at the movies…boys time was definitely part of my future visions.  Alone time for mum…spa days, sipping on a glass of champers and just chilling while my boys were out bonding.  Well guys…IT’S HAPPENING TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The school are having a camp out for dad and the kids.  No mums allowed! 

When we first got the notice, I thought it would be great for Ethan and the hubster – not only for the bonding time, but also to camp for the first time ever.  This is something that I know the hubster has been looking to since the time he knew he would be a boy father.  Well, of course, this mama is not one to pass over an opportunity (especially when she can get a break), so I e-mailed the organiser and asked whether siblings who did not attend the school were allowed to come with.  The answer was – of course, siblings and cousins, as long as dad looks after them all.  The hubster is in his element.  Growing up camping, knowing how fun it is, he cannot wait for the boys to experience it.  Yes, it’s a far cry from real camping, but I’m sure it’s going to be fun for them all.

I’m a bit worried about Riley and how he’ll be at sleep time, but if he’s freaking out too much, I’ll just pop up to the school and pick him up.  At least he’ll enjoy the time before with his dad and brother and his bestie will also be there with his older brother and father.  The hubster is convinced that he’ll be fine.

So there it is – MY FIRST FULL NIGHT ALONE!!!!!  To say I’m excited is a bit of an understatement… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Oh my children,

how I pray fiercely for you!  Every day.  For so many things.

First and foremost, that God has given you both to me.  That you are mine to love and cherish and raise as children of God.  I pray for your health of course, and your bodies, that you will both grow into strapping, strong young lads!  I pray for your minds, that you will be raised knowing right from wrong, being kind and caring to all those around you and that you will always consider others in everything that you do.  I pray for your hearts, that you will know God.  That you will be shining examples of what people who know HIM are like.  That everybody you come across will see HIS love in you, and that you will learn to love as you grow.  That hate will not be part of who you are, or even for one minute cross your minds.  Oh the list of things in my prayers for you…I could go on forever and a day, but one thing close to my heart this morning is my prayer for YOU as people in this world.  Right now, it’s more specifically at school and with your friends in the complex that we live in.

I pray that other children will like you.  Like you for who you are and not put you down because children can be unkind!  And at your tender ages, a small comment that mum and dad consider silly, may not seem as silly to you.  I see it with both of you…if another child says something ugly, it hurts you so deeply.  It could be as simple as, your takkies aren’t nice (Riley, I’m not sure if you made this up yesterday when I said how nice your shoes are at the end of the day, but judging from your reaction, I don’t think you did – I think the kids did say something ugly about your shoes – and my heart ached for you!), or that your PE bag for babies.  It could just be that they don’t want to play with you or even meaner, when they tell others that nobody should play with you because of whatever silly reason.

Boys, it’ll be like that for the rest of your lives.  Even as adults, there are ugly people!  They say mean and hurtful things, they make others upset either on purpose or without considering the other person’s feelings at all.  And we’re not saints…daddy and I do it, even sometimes to each other, as ugly as it is 😦  I pray that you will be confident in your own selves.  That you will not feel the need for others to validate you.  That you will live by the morals and values taught to you by the village that you are raised by, and that those won’t sway no matter what.  Know that you are loved and that you don’t have to always be liked by everybody!  I know it’s difficult to accept this as a child, but take it now from your mama.  As you grow older, you’ll learn this yourselves…

I love you both so dearly xxx


Letting go

Those of you who know me will know just how much of a control freak I am.  I like to set goals (even if they’re in my own little head space that nobody is even aware of), and I WILL achieve them, come hell or high water.  In fact, the hubster often says that these goals are going to be the death of me not because I am so obsessed with achieving them, but in his opinion, I set such high goals and expectations of myself, that it’s virtually impossible for anybody to achieve them i.e. they’re unrealistic!  Once I set my mind to it though…I’m focused.  Like the jogging that I’ve taken up – it’s the 11th week now (but who’s counting, hahahaha).  I’ve been running three times a week and exercising on top of that – squats, lunges, sit-ups etc.  I go after work twice a week and once on the weekend.  If I can squeeze in another run in the week, I do.  But then this past weekend, I didn’t go.  Saturday ran away with me as did Sunday and when I did get the gap, I was so exhausted, I just couldn’t go!  He was like – WHO CARES???  Ease up on yourself.  If you don’t feeling like going, don’t go.  But it matters to me guys, it matters to me!  And although nobody is there holding me accountable, I hate letting myself down.  Anyway, I digress, as usual!!  My point is, I’m a self proclaimed control freak and letting go, even if it means giving myself a little break, is hard work.  But in the last few weeks, I’ve at least managed to slowly let go of something that I’ve held on to for soooo long…


I love cooking.  I love being in the kitchen, trying new things out and even cooking old time favourites but most of all, I.LOVE.MY.OWN.FOOD!  I really do.  I can eat a meal that I’ve made and comment on how amazing my food is all by myself, without needing confirmation from anybody.  Food is definitely my favourite thing in the whole wide world!!

With both boys being at school for most of the day, our nanny P obviously has oodles and oodles of time because guys, we DO NOT live in a mansion!!  Even with both boys around, she manages to clean the house in like a day.  So can you imagine what it’s like when she’s alone at home?!?!  I’m sure she probably has the other domestics over for tea just about every day (it explains where my sugar is going to 😉 ) and I wouldn’t be surprised if she catches a snooze midday well, just because!

Anyway, I decided at the beginning of the year that because she has so much time, she can start helping me out in the kitchen.  She was keen, I was keen, and so the instructions began.  Just cooking my rice, pasta and popping things into the oven was already saving me time and it still meant that I could cook the food myself (after the kids went to bed the night before the meal, I would stay up and cook for the next day sometimes even till after 9/10pm!!).  Even though it was something so small, it really was making a difference for me.  Then a few months ago, I decided to start showing her how I was cooking my meals – from start to finish.  So I would make a meal but have her next to me in the kitchen the whole time, and explain step by step what to do. I would then go through the steps and all the ingredients again and make sure she followed everything.  The next time that I wanted to make the dish, I would walk her through everything the day before, then write down all the ingredients and group them together the day before – the sauces, spices etc.  And then leave her to it.

Long story short, in the last two weeks, she has cooked THREE meals from scratch for me and they have tasted exactly like mine!  So not only am I now saving the time, but I’m still getting to eat food that tastes just the way I like it.  P is loving it – honestly, it’s like she’s on Masterchef.  She’s super proud of herself and also enjoys the food that she cooks as much as we do.  The hubster is super impressed and happy that I am going this route mostly because it just gives me a bit of a breather!  I mean, I can now come home and go for a run without having to rush home and cook before the sweat has even stopped rolling down my face, hehe.

Yes guys, I’m learning to let go!  And the benefits I’m seeing now already in these early stages are amazing!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Let go


Good parenting – tick

This morning, I woke up to the sound of the boys chatting together in their bedroom.  The hubster and I lay quietly just listening.  Riley climbed up to Ethan’s bed, and then the two of them lay and just spent a bit of time together all on their own.  Ethan told me that when Riley came up, the first thing they did was pray together.  They prayed for the people on the street who have no food and no roofs over their heads.

It’s at times like this when I know I’m doing this parenting thing right!

Praying family

Family everything

Have a good Friday y’all xxx


Kiddies…fun and games

Sometimes it’s so tough being a parent and being responsible for your children!  You mums out there…I’m sure there have been times when your child has wondered off – even for just a few minutes.  Walked away from you just to check something out or call their sibling or whatever.  It can’t just be…or is it?!?!  I hope not!!  It’s happened to me very few times thankfully, but in this day and age, people are really horrible and kids go missing and just don’t come back.  So, unlike lots of the mums I know (no judgement!, just saying), I am generally quite paranoid when being out with my kids.  I constantly check up on my kids and make sure that I know where they are.

Ethan is quite an independent child, also older than Riley so I guess more grown up, and when we’re out, I don’t really need to worry about him.  Also, he knows and fully understands “stranger danger” and he knows my cellphone number so he knows to ask somebody to call me if he’s ever lost.  I’ve briefed him on what to do if anybody calls him to come to them, or tries to take him or wants to feed him etc.  I’ve done the same with Riley, but as he’s only 3 and a half, I don’t think he quite gets the seriousness of being taken by a stranger, so of course, I keep an extra eye on him if we’re out.

On Saturday, we went to Papachinos in Stoneridge.  For those of you who haven’t been, it’s A.MA.ZING!!  There’s even a cricket pitch and a little soccer field.  The area for the kids to play in is really great.  Lots of space and lots of things to climb up, under and through.  It’s every kid’s dream come true 🙂 🙂 🙂  Ethan and Riley have been there twice before so know the layout quite well.

So we had a party in the morning and Mr Ri played quite a bit with the birthday boy, but they stuck more to the smaller kids/indoor area which was pretty close to where we were, so I felt comfortable with the two of them together.  Also the hubster was there so he too was checking on him.  After the party, we stayed at the same venue where I met with a few ladies from Ethan’s old grade R class.  Riley had the option to go home with dad but totally refused (of course!).  I was comfortable with him staying and by this time, boy child was so familiar with the venue that he was running around entertaining himself all on his lonesome.

Anyhoo, I was sitting with one of the mothers chatting when I decided to do my patrolling of the area to check on Riley.  Long story short, I searched the area three times, yes, THREE TIMES!!!  I had Ethan looking, one of the managers and two of the waitresses.  I was honestly convinced that my child was gone despite the fact that my brain was shouting he couldn’t have left this place, he’s here somewhere.  I searched the whole restaurant, checked the bathrooms, the waiting rooms, everything.  By this stage Ethan had carried on on his merry way, totally oblivious to the fact that my legs were like jelly, my heart rate was racing ahead in total panic, and I was so flustered that I had to even remove my jacket.  I know, I know, what made me think that removing my jacket would improve the situation?!?!  Hahahaha.  Like when you’re trying to follow directions in the car and you automatically turn the radio down…for what!  I think that on the outside, I was still pretty composed, but the lady I was with could see the panic on my face, so she also got up and started looking.  All I was thinking was – HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO TELL MY HUSBAND THAT I LOST THIS CHILD???!!!!

On round four of looking around, and now even starting to contemplate what my next move was going to be, my friend shouted over to me and when I turned around, there was little Riley walking hand in hand with her, not a care in the world.  I cannot explain the sheer relief.  I almost buckled to the floor and cried out loud.  My baby was okay!

Turns out that he was playing hide and seek with a friend and had managed to creep under the steering wheel of the big red bus.  I of course hadn’t seen him.

Thank God he was fine…but that stress of losing a child!  Phew.  I’m even having increased heart palpitations typing the story out now…

Needless to say, I made sure that I gave both my kiddy winkles extra squeezes yesterday morning when they climbed into bed to wish me a happy mother’s day, and I gave Riley some extra love, I was so certain I had lost him just the day before 😦

Anyway, all’s well that ends well 🙂  I hope that all you mums were spoilt rotten by your families xxx


Let’s talk about school uniform

In the second week of this school year, Ethan lost his PE bag.  A PE bag that had every strap labelled with his name and every item in it (school swimming costume, school swimming cap, goggles and a towel) labelled very clearly!  To this day, we haven’t found the bag.  We decided not to buy another PE bag (it costs in the region of R200), and we gave him one of those small bags that you can pull the strings closed to close it, that he had received driving back from holiday in December at one of the petrol stops – it’s a Paw Patrol bag.  He was fine with it.  We didn’t have to fork out money for a bag, problem solved.

Two weeks later, we had a “scare” (this uniform problem is real y’all!) when he got home from school and realised he had left his PE bag (the Paw Patrol bag) at school after PE.  His school SHOES were in it!  I’m not sure whether you know how much school shoes cost, but…I’ll leave it there.  The next morning, we went to his class together and his PE bag was fortunately inside but we couldn’t get in to check whether the shoes were there as the class was locked…they were…problem avoided.

Last week Thursday, Ethan went to play in a soccer match at another school.  They took the school bus.  I told him in the morning to take his soccer stuff with him in the bus as we were taking him straight home from soccer.  His dad took him home, I was on a work course.  At 3pm, I saw 5 please call me’s from our nanny.  I thought somebody was dying at home – okay, I’m over exaggerating on the somebody dying, but FIVE????!!!!!  When I called home, P wanted to tell me that…Ethan came home without his school blazer.  Ethan says he left it in the school bus, we are yet to find it.  Seeing as it’s labelled and it was left in the school bus, I’m thinking it will pop up, but his PE bag and goodies inside were also labelled, and months later…nothing!  Anyway, we live in hope, hahahaha.

Then this morning, while we were getting ready for school, Ethan asked me whether I could go with him to class this morning.  Odd coming from him, a child who is quite independent, and generally walks to class alone.  So I asked him why…he said that the kids make fun of his Paw Patrol bag and so he wants me to carry it for him.  My heart broke.

We don’t have any other bag that’s small enough for him to carry his soccer kit to school in.

I’m now torn between whether letting him “toughen up” and just deal with this, or just spending the money and buying him a new bag.  The last thing I want is for my child to be teased…but also, just throwing money around when he lost the bag in the first place…I’m not so sure???  Also, he’s only 6…arrggghhh.

When I bumped into one of the dads this morning, I mentioned the missing blazer, he said they’re on blazer number 2 and then he literally whispered…we bought it second hand…as if he was too embarrassed to say it out loud.

Do you buy second hand school items?

Do you think spending the cash when you have it on new items is okay or out of principal, will you not do it? 

Hi I’m Jodie…

…and I’m PETRIFIED OF GECKOS!!!!  For those of you who know me well, you have probably heard me say this time and time again.  Yes, I know geckos can do absolutely nothing to you and so there’s nothing to fear, but still!  Growing up in Durban where these things are literally all over the show…falling when you walk under them, falling into your bath water, into the water where the dishcloths are soaking in Jik…the list goes on.  I have been traumatised by these things and they give me the absolute heebie jeebies!!!!!!!  Now that you know this, let me fill you in on my night last night, or rather…let me entertain you 🙂 🙂 🙂

So the hubster coaches soccer on Tuesdays and went straight there from work yesterday evening.  He usually gets back just after 8:30, at which time, the kids are already in bed and fast asleep.  So last night, he comes in and he’s like, I’m rushing to watch the Liverpool game at the pub with the guys.  No problem right?!  I heard “ME TIME”.  We chatted briefly about our days while he had a shower, and then he left.  So I settled into bed with a cup of tea to catch up some series.  I switched the tv and the lights off just after 10pm.

When the hubster is not there (even if it’s just for a few hours of the night), I usually sleep very restlessly.  Sleep, on a normal night, is not my friend at all, but when he’s not there, it’s 100times worse.  So I dozed in and out of sleep just waiting for him to get home.

Around 1am, Ethan starts calling for me saying that his eyes are burning.  So I walk to the room, see that he’s talking in his sleep obviously having a dream.  I shush him and walk back out.  Back in our room, I have a wee and get back into bed.  About 10minutes later, he’s calling mum, mum, mum again.  So I get up, walk to my bedroom door and for some reason, I look down the passage…A MASSIVE GECKO ON THE FLOOR.  I was literally paralysed with fear.  Fortunately, Ethan fell asleep and stopped calling but the gecko was facing our room, so I walked back into the room and shut the door thinking there’s no way this thing is getting into my room.  Then I realised that the other options for the gecko would only be the kids’ room (where I walk into every morning to wake Ethan up), the bathroom (where I shower in the morning) and the spare room (where Ethan gets changed).  So once again, I get up and close ALL the doors!

Then I send the hubster an sms saying something along the lines of – there’s a massive lizard in the passage and I don’t know what to do.  I’m sure he was like – this is a unique way to try and get me home!! 

It’s 1:45am by this time.  When I got up to close the other doors though, I saw the lizard was facing the lounge area instead of facing our bedroom, so I was less phased but still freaked out.  I literally laid awake until the hubster came in after 2am.  The first thing I asked him was – did you see the lizard.  His response: what are you on about????  Haha.  And within two seconds, he was asleep!

Anyway, I slept terribly until my alarm went off at 5:30am.  Then I got out of bed, grabbed my slippers (I moved my slippers and work shoes plus Ethan’s shoes on top of the bed ‘cos I didn’t want to chance the lizard walking into them during the early hours of the morning) and tiptoed room by room creeping around checking for the lizard.  I switched the light on in each room, checked the floor, checked the walls and checked the ceiling.  When I got into the bathroom, I even checked the shower…all four corners!  I checked under the sink, under and around the toilet, under the shower mat…my checking literally added 10minutes to my morning routine, but it was totally worth it.  It was totally for my sanity and allowed me to get done as usual thereafter.

Did I find the gecko…NO, absolutely not, no sign of it whatsoever!!  It’s as if I totally imagined it.  But not finding it is even worse than if I had found it.  At least then I could have begged the hubster to get rid of it (with a broom, like my dad does to this day for his all of 35year old daughter when we’re visiting them in Durban :-)).  Now, I don’t know where the hell it is!… 😦

I mean, I know it’s somewhere in our house but WHERE???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One about the boys

My babies are growing up so well!  How even do you manage to contain feelings when you see how wonderfully your kids are growing?!

So a quick one…

Ethan was selected yesterday to play for the U8 soccer team at school in a match against an opposing school this week Thursday.  He is so over the moon!  He got a special letter to say that he’s part of the team, and they will be travelling by bus to the other school.  Highlight of the week for us all 🙂  I really hope that I get to go and watch him!  I’m not too excited about the special soccer socks I have to buy (R70!)…haha.  The joys.  But I cannot wait for him to be take part in his first school match.  Then on the merit side – the first “level” for the merits is 75points.  When the kids get to 75points, they get a letter from the principal.  Yesterday morning, he had 65points, so on the way to school, I told him that he must push extra hard for the additional 10points, only two merits.  Boy child went to school yesterday – BOOM, merits achieved.  75points attained!!  I couldn’t be prouder, he is really excelling at school shame.

Then yesterday, I called the pre-primary school to set up time with Riley’s teacher.  Riley has been complaining about going to school for the longest of times.  Every morning without fail, he moans that he doesn’t want to go, he wants to stay at home with P.  We’ve put it down to him just wanting his way and being lazy.  Then yesterday morning, I had this gnawing feeling that perhaps there’s something more, and I’m not pursuing it.  So after work, I went to the school and had a meeting with both his teacher [as a side:  when we were leaving, she came to me and said “oh, I wanted to tell you that I’m also expecting”…ummm, does she think I’m expecting too?!?! ] and the principal.  They set my mind at ease and assured me that he’s absolutely fine at school.  He is the youngest in his class by far – apparently half the class repeated the year! so some kids are already turning 5 this year whereas Riley is only turning 4 in December.  He apparently is very bright but is slower than most of the kids in the class resulting in him often either not finishing, or finishing only after everybody else.  They both said that this could be knocking his confidence making him not want to come to school.  Also, apparently the jump from last year’s class to this year’s is quite steep in that this year, they are actually doing work, not just playing.  They say that this can cause lots of unease and unhappiness in kids, especially the younger kids.  But they still insist that he’s very bright and is doing well, they think this will “even out” over the next few months.  I was warned by the principal though that I cannot compare the kids and that Riley has very big shoes to fill in his big brother Ethan who was top of his class last year, even though he was the youngest!!  Socially, they say Riley is winning, hahahaha.  Apparently all the kids want to play with him and he dominates the play ground!  Which could explain why a random kid came up to me yesterday and said “hello Riley’s mum” 🙂  In the car on the way home, I told Riley how his teacher said he did so so well and how proud we are of him.  I promised him a reward this weekend for all his hard work…he wants TWO TOYS – a Coco puzzle (from the movie Coco) and Lego (like Ethan got when he got a good report at the end of term 1).  Of course, Ethan is like – you can’t get small Lego like me though, you’re younger so you need bigger blocks!  Ever the pragmatist 😉

So so proud of these boys ❤ ❤ ❤