Bored in the house…

This time, a year ago, I was bored.

Six months ago, I was bored.

Day 500 and something of lockdown (or thereabouts…), I am SUPER BORED and totally over being at home.

In the past 10days, I have made chocolate cupcakes, crunchies, focaccia bread, sago pudding and banana loaf.

Over the past weekend, I made 5 no-sew blankets for CSI at work and knitted 7 20x20cm squares as my contribution towards making blankets for the less fortunate.

I have read over 30books this year already.

I. Am. Bored. I am over being indoors. I miss people. I miss other adult stimulation.

The end.

HE has you!

In February this year, I made a decision in my personal life that impacted my immediate family unit. It meant a shift in our living arrangements and a complete change in our family dynamics.

Making the decision was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I cried ever single day over whether it was the right decision for myself and my kids for a full month. My mother listened to me sobbing over the phone on countless occasions. My heart was broken, and even though I knew the decision was absolutely necessary and the right one, I questioned myself often.

Watching my boys cry themselves to sleep some nights nearly killed me, but it’s almost 5months on, and I know without a doubt, the decision was the best one. Nevertheless, the past few months have been emotionally and mentally draining. Before that decision and even after it, there were prayers and reflection at every spare moment, gospel music kept me going and with every online church service, I found God speaking to me and comforting me in my toughest times.

Recently, a good friend of mine was admitted to hospital and after a few days, into ICU, with COVID pneumonia. I put a care parcel together for her husband to take to the hospital for her and something for the him, his son and mother-in-law at the house. I thought it as a kind gesture. Something I did to let them know I’m thinking about them and I care. My mother taught me well!

Closer to home, my sister who is 31weeks pregnant, has COVID. She got a positive result last week. On Friday, I cooked a big pot of soup for her, a pot of chicken curry and baked her favourite…chocolate cupcakes. Myself and the boys drove out to her place to make the delivery with hand made cards from them and a few extra snacks for her and baby, and to just wave hello from across the way. She felt appreciated, she felt loved and she felt cared for.

A few weeks ago, I was really ill. Fortunately, I had a negative COVID test but I’m really not convinced about the result. At any rate, it took me a good 10days to recover. In that time, I received lots of calls and messages and I knew that those closest to me were concerned. I didn’t get any help with my kids, food to eat or any deliveries. Please, do not for one minute get me wrong. I am not asking for sympathy or complaining. I really did feel like people were worried about me during that period and there were those constantly checking up on me, but it got me thinking whether I tend to come across as too strong? If people think that I am capable of doing everything at all times even if I am ill? And is that something I am projecting onto others, or is it just that other people don’t display “thinking of you” or that they care in the same was as I do? I don’t know why it hit me at such a deep level, but I really was pondering over it all weekend.

And then this morning, my cousin came by. She came with a delivery…a pot plant, chocolate, sweets for the boys, doughnuts and savouries. When I asked what the occasion was, she said it was just because. She said there are people really struggling out there, and she just felt the need to bless me today. And that dear friends for me is God listening. God knowing my heart, knowing how things are affecting and impacting my life and giving me a God moment even though I had not uttered my thoughts out loud to anybody.

He knows you. He loves you. He cares for you. And he sees and hears you. HE has you!!

Have a great week y’all xxx

Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Is it a woman thing? A mum thing? Knitted into our genes? I think about this often, and I just cannot figure out why I (let me talk for myself because maybe I just have a few loose screws in this department) am so hard on myself.

I have been sick since last Monday. COVID negative thank God, but I have not felt so awful for a really long time. It started on Monday morning with a sore throat and body aches so bad that I could barely lift my hand to brush my teeth. The week basically went by in a blur of me being stuck in bed barely able to move, but of course I still have two boys to look after, so rest is relative when they’re at home all day right?! Cooking (and I use that very loosely – let’s rather call in feeding!) still needs to get done, getting done for the day needs to be ticked off, and doing that while feeling fine is hard enough as it is. Doing it while feeling horrible is a challenge…actually, challenge is an understatement. It’s near impossible. I managed to do it without missing a beat every day for the last 8days even while not feeling well.

At any rate, let me stop feeling sorry for myself. The point is that this morning, my sister-in-law jokingly sent me a text message to ask whether I’m SUPERMUM yet, and I replied no, not yet, but soon I’ll be 🙂 And then I thought about it while getting done. It was 8:30am in the morning…I’d made up the beds, made oats for the kids for breakfast, put out their clothes, packed their lunch bags for the day (this works best for me because it stops my kids nagging me all day for snacks while I’m working or in meetings), gone through all my e-mails and showered and dressed. By 8:30am guys, 8:30!!!!. I don’t know how that measures to your standards, but who am I comparing this to?!?! Why am I so hard on myself? What am I trying to prove?

Ok, rant over. I don’t have an answer, but I’m giving myself a pat on the back today. I am doing great!

End of story.

The one about race

Anybody in the middle of primary school exams…oops sorry, I mean, anybody’s child?! Ethan is in grade 4 and writing exams for the first time. Just a few weeks ago, they had tests. When I asked him whether he needed help, he told me he had it under control. I tried a few times to “check up” just to ensure that he really did have it, but I was batted away with “we already studied at school so I’m done“, or “I left xyz book at school“. The only subject I did manage to get a glimpse of was his Geography the night before the Geography test, only to discover that he had to hand in a project worth 50 marks – on A3 paper, with printed pictures included – the very next day, of which he’d only managed to write down 5 lines in pencil a small torn up piece of paper, and that was it…FOR 50 MARKS!! We (note: WE) did the whole project together in an hour, but it did make me partially panic. If he casually left out such a big thing, was he really ready for his tests? Anyway, I left him to it, gave him the benefit of the doubt and decided that the proof would be in the proverbial pudding i.e. in his report! I think by that time, he was half way through his tests anyway, so I just let him be. I waited with baited breathe for the results, and other than 1 fail, he actually did pretty well overall. But when we went through his report together, we both agreed that he could have done better and that we’d work together for his exams to try and improve his results. I must admit at this stage, that he did ask me to help with Maths – the one subject he’s 100% confident in – and to cut a long story short, I had to ask his bestie in the complex who is in the same grade at the same school to show me how to do it FIRST before I could help Ethan. Yup, a 10year old had to show me how to do long division guys! Anyhoo, I digress…

We’re currently in exam week. They write for 4 days this week, 2 subjects a day. Just over a week ago, we put a timetable together, planned it all out in advance. I tried to get him into the “habit” of studying and things to look out for in exams. We discussed a few methods of studying, what and how to learn, what to look out for during the exams like mark allocations, checking his work, skipping questions he doesn’t know and going back to them at the end etc. History was a challenge from day 1. Ethan struggles to remember dates and facts. And the method of studying I was trying to get him to use i.e. to understand, not just to parrot learn, obviously doesn’t apply to a subject like History. History is a subject where you basically have to cram. Read through the information and get it into your brain where it needs to be filed to be called upon IF needs be in the exam.

Yesterday we did a quick revision session and had to drill down into the information on the South African anti-apartheid fighters that are part of their syllabus – Mandela, Tutu and Steve Biko. I must admit, other than Steve Biko’s name, I knew very much about him before yesterday, and so reading through the notes with Ethan was really fascinating. One of the things we read about was that Steve Biko led the Black Consciousness Movement. This was new to me, so I read up a bit more on it so that I could explain to Ethan what the Black Consciousness Movement was. When he was asked that question in class, he got it wrong and still didn’t understand it. I spent some time explaining it to him. That then took us into race and how non-white people were treated during apartheid times. I explained to him that non-white is not only black people, but Indian and coloured people as well, basically, all people who are not white. I also explained how coloured people are basically mixed race/breed (he piped up that he thought that mixed breed only refers to dogs and I ended that conversation quickly!) because somewhere along the line, one parent was white and one non-white. Not all coloured people have two coloured parents like he does. He said he thought coloured people were just coloured because of their “silver skin”…I have no idea what he means by silver skin.

We went on to discuss how the people who fought against apartheid many years ago – like the guys he’s currently learning about – fought so that HE would not have to be discriminated against for the colour of his skin. And I won’t lie, I got all emotional. I realised my voice was raised and I was feeling quite heated while talking. I always say this and I’ll say it again…for the life of me, I cannot understand how whoever decided that people are inferior because of the colour of their skin thought that was okay! I mean, it’s one of the things you can’t change, the colour of your skin. It’s also just so sad that even after all the years and years of people fighting, race is still a major reason for discrimination. How are we non-white people not as good as white people? How are we still feeling the effects years later of not being treated equally? How is the not being better than those lighter than them or those with straight hair engrained in my children without anybody actually saying it to them, like it’s part of their DNA???

It sucks.

Big time.

It’s not fair.


I did a thing!

I’m an all or nothing girl. A YOLO girl. If you need a wingman to do something that you think is crazy, I’m your girl! I’m there for it…whatever it is. Nothing is too over the top for me. In fact, the bigger, the weirder, the better. Remember that time I started running and did a 21km…don’t worry, it’s a distant memory for me too!! Well, if that’s not proof of how I never do things in half measures, maybe this will be…

For many years, I’ve wanted to cut my hair. I think I’ve only ever had short hair ONCE, and that once was because of a last minute decision a friend’s mother allowed me to make when she took the two of us to the hairdresser for a treat. I cut a short just below the ear bob. That was before the days of GHDs, in fact, even before the days of curls being “big” and I swear it traumatised me. I looked like the mushroom from Mario Brothers! I didn’t know how to manage my hair, and neither did my mother who – up until I was in matric – was the one who put my hair in rollers and blowed it out. And back then, straight was better! We box straightened our hair every few months to get the kink out of it, and even then, my cute bob never managed to look remotely like how I imagine it to be pre-cut. Other than that stoopid lapse of judgement, my standard haircut is always – just trim – with the odd brave decision to cut a chunk off (I even did it myself in lockdown), but it must always be able to go into a small pony. That’s the brief. Cut, go wild, but it must “pony”. I’m not used to my hair being in my face, I’ve never had a fringe, and over the years, I’ve really learned to love my hair. But every now and again, I have this fantasy about having this fabulous short stylish hairdo.

Well, last week, I finally took the plunge! It’s just hair after all. The below pics are the end result. Like my aunt said: “you’re just like your mum, no half measures”. My response: life is too short for half measures!

Let me honest…right now, I have no cooking clue what to do with my hair. It’s such a little, you’d think it was easy right. Well, no…not yet. I need time to play with it I guess, but not having to leave the house is no inspiration. With nobody seeing me, I’ve literally just left it as is. I am starting to hyper ventilate for a photoshoot that my sister wants to do in a few weeks. I have no idea what I’m going to do with my hair. I can’t even go to the hairdresser for it to be styled. Niks, nada. Anyway, I’m here for the short hair, I’m going to embrace it, and hey, it’ll grow again right??!!!!

The one about separate rooms

Hey! Remember me? Well, HOWE you doing? 🙂

I’ve found that blogposts have become more and more scarce since COVID. Not only from my side, but people’s blogposts are few and far between. I can only assume that for the most part, it’s because we’re all just staying put at home. Nothing interesting to “write home about”! Well, at least that’s from my side.

How are things with you? Anything new, fun and exciting happening? Still totally over COVID? What’s your thoughts on the vaccine – getting it or not? COVID deserves a full post on its own I guess, but also, I don’t want to talk about COVID like ever again. Anyway, I digress….

I want to talk about separate rooms today. My boys are 3years apart. When Riley was born, he got his own room and Ethan had his own room for obvious reasons…well, maybe not so obvious…I didn’t want the baby waking the biggie. Lo and behold, the baby actually slept through the night at 6weeks old – yup, a full 12hours, 7pm – 7am – and the biggie was still waking up multiple times during the night!! Yes you read right. Anyhoo…they slept in separate rooms…Riley in his cot until he was around 15months old when he transitioned to a big boy bed, but still in the same room. Ethan slept on a double bed in his own room. We have a 3 bedroom house. We do not have an extra room “for fun”. Having said that, we hardly ever have guests, so having our spare room back post Riley’s birth was something I kind of wanted, but it didn’t particularly bother me. Nevertheless, when Riley was old enough (I think around 2.5years old or thereabouts), we bought them a double bunk. We put it in Ethan’s room with Ethan on the top and Riley at the bottom, and they’ve shared a room ever since, the only difference being that sometime last year, they “outgrew” the bunk vibe, and we separated the bunk into the two 3/4 beds side by side in the same room. These beds have been moved together, moved apart, moved diagonally across the room, used to make tents and even shared by two of them in one bed at times. They’ve had loads of fun being in the same room, and it’s worked quite okay until recently. I’ve noticed a big shift…

  • Ethan can cope on much less than the 10.5hours sleep they get every day (7:30pm-ish – 6am) whereas if Riley sleeps 5minutes after 7:30pm, he can barely move the next morning. This boy is a sleeper if you didn’t gather that from sleeping 12 straight hours from 6weeks old. He actually sleeps through the alarm every morning, and can literally sleep a full 12/13hours straight on the weekends, but that’s a story for another day.
  • Ethan wants to do “big boy” things before bedtime like read a bit or write…Riley also wants to read but firstly, he reads out loud which obviously isn’t ideal for Ethan who just wants to cuddle up in his own thoughts and read quietly, and secondly – as mentioned earlier – if he reads for the 15minutes extra like Ethan wants, he’s dead the next day! And I’ve considered putting them into bed at 7:15, but guys, I am a full time working mother…even 7:30pm is a tight squeeze.
  • Riley loves to “tell on” Ethan which drives him absolutely batty. Ethan sometimes wants to chat to Riley after lights out – Riley wants to sleep – Riley ends up shouting to me that Ethan is chatting and won’t stop, and Ethan shouts that Riley is boring and doesn’t want to “engage”. This happens almost every night. My usual response is stop talking, just sleep, but I also know that Ethan is not as tired as Riley is hence the talking, reading under the duvet with a torch or browsing through his tablet at random things…

So this brings us to where we are now. Like I said, we only have 3 bedrooms in the house. At the beginning of the year, I had started considering moving Ethan into his own room. He is after all 10 this year! And the reality is he’s much more of a “bigger boy” than Riley is. My thinking was that when he turns 10, which is only in December, we’d move him out into the spare room, but I think that time is already here. I think delaying it for another 6months is silly. The reality is that we have the extra room, we have a bed, and all the signs point to that being the right thing to do for him. I feel like it will also give him more of a feeling of being “older” – like I know he knows he’s older, but it’ll let him have that extra bit of awesomeness. The attention will be on him. He’ll get that extra time and space as well.

I made the mistake of mentioning it this morning casually while they were getting done for school as once again, Riley was battling to get going and Ethan was in top form…and he absolutely loved the idea. He’s so excited, he wants to move today! Riley on the other hand…not so much. He’s scared to sleep on his own in the room and he wants his big bro to stay close. What will happen when we have visitors you ask?? Well, Ethan will just sleep in his “old bed” in his “old room” while the visitors are around, and they’ll have the Ethan’s room a.k.a. “the spare room” as per usual.

Do your children share a room?

If they are in separate rooms, at what age did you split them?

If they still share, are you thinking of separating them at some stage?

Do you think I should be making a “big deal” of this for Ethan’s sake? I’m thinking new decor while he’s out or at school or whatever and then doing a little “reveal”…

Let’s talk flexibility…

I think I have mentioned a previous blogpost that I have made the decision to start working from the office when it suits me. This is for a number of reasons, but mainly;-

  • I feel more productive in the office, more focused and more “office minded”. At home, I get distracted easily. I can listen in on a meeting while baking, cooking dinner or chatting on Wassap. I’m not saying that I’m not productive at home at all. All I’m saying is that, for me, it’s easier to zone in and stay focused on work when I’m in the office.
  • I love the “social aspect” of the office. I must admit, hardly anybody I know is back in the office – most of them still preferring to work at home – however, there are some people around, and it gives me such joy just to be around other adults. Adults who do not live in my home or in my complex. Even seeing the ladies in the canteen again felt like a big reunion, and it made my heart so happy!
  • The boys’ school is literally 5minutes from the office, so it makes absolutely no sense for me to drop them in the morning, then drive home and drive aaaalllll the way back to school for pick-up and back home 5hours later. It’s not only a waste of petrol, but also a waste of my time and effort.

Anyway, remember the new lift club I started…well firstly, it’s working like a charm! We’ve had no glitches at all (touch wood), and it literally frees up a week of morning drop-offs for me. Of course, I still have to get up, make lunches, make sure the kids are done and Riley insists that I wave them off every.single.morning (which I basically do in my pj’s), but then I have oodles of time free to do whatever I want. Usually I go for a run or a walk, but some mornings, I choose to just read in bed and have some “me time”.

In the week that I have to do the drop-offs myself, my plan has been to drop the kids, go straight to the gym to workout, shower at the gym, and then head up to the office. The gym and the office are in the same street, so school>gym>office are literally on the same circular-ish route. On these days, I will work from the office until school pick-up, collect the kids (I also drop off another child en route home), and then work from home for the rest of the afternoon. This is ME. This is how I thrive. On planning and organising my life to the T! Buuuttttt, there are some days when I just don’t feel like working in the office. Like this week 🙂

After a few days in Durban with my boys last week for their school holiday, my brain (and body) were still in holiday mode on Sunday evening, and so I decided that after drop-off yesterday morning, I’d go to Hyper to pick up a few things before heading home and working from home instead of at the office for the day. Hyper opens at 8 and I arrived at 7:30, so I took that time out to read my book for 30minutes *winning*.

This morning, I was still not feeling the whole gym>office vibe. I didn’t mention, but I must at this stage that my office “on” week is much more stressful the night before and the morning of, as of course, I need to make sure I have every single thing I need ready and packed in advance. For the most part, that everything consists of clean clothes and underwear, HAIR CONDITIONER ( a MUST for curly coloured girl hair!!) and enough towels to dry a whole massive body and a bush of hair – let’s not forget the slip-slops to wear when using the communal shower…I’m not sure I’d survive without these 😉 Then there’s lunch for the office, my laptop including cords, earphones for meetings in case there are people around my desk area (which has basically been never, as nobody in my team is keen to work from the office, every single one of them preferring to continue working from home), and snacks, water bottle etc.

Anyway, I digress. So this morning, I dropped the kids off dressed in my gym clothes. I still went to the gym to workout buuuttttttt…I came home straight afterwards. I logged on to my PC, went through e-mails, did a bit of work, and then took a break for a quick shower and breakfast at 10am. I then continued to work until school pick-up time.

The point of all this waffling is just that FLEXIBILITY WORKS FOR ME!!!!! I love knowing that I have the option to work from home as well as the option to go to the office. I love knowing that if, on the whim in the morning, I change my mind…that’s okay. I love that I don’t have people throwing snarky comments (like: do you have your suntan lotion with you?!) when I leave the office at 3pm to fetch my kids even though my working arrangements pre-COVID were 7 – 3. I love that I can really do whatever works for me. Whatever works for my kids. Whatever works for my family!! And guess what? I still get the work done. I am so much more productive having the option to work in whatever space, location and environment I choose to.

Again, I say, if there’s anything that I hope is achieved from this working from home thing – it’s not that we never ever go to the office, because I do feel that in certain instances, there’s huge merit from having face-to-face meetings, catching up with work friends over a cup of coffee and chatting with colleagues in the corridor – it’s that we have the FLEXIBILITY to do whatever works for us.

The End

And above all, be kind!

Yesterday, as I was coming back into our complex after an early morning walk with a friend in the area, I walked past the handyman in our complex and greeted him. He returned my greeting and then in a very small voice asked: “Jodie, do you by any chance have two slices of bread for me?”. I told him that I did and that he should come past the house in a few minutes once I’d gotten back inside. I proceeded to pack him a full loaf of bread, some naartjies and bananas. Later in the day, I packed a plastic packet for him of meat, potatoes, onions and rice so that he had food for dinner. He had told me in the morning how he was broke and was waiting for payday. I wondered what a grown man was going to do with TWO SLICES OF BREAD until payday! I thought how I’d just been paid the day before and done a quick fill up of the cupboard, fridge and freezer – just a few things as we’re flying to Durban on Monday for the school holiday (even that is a blessing…never mind that we’re able to fly, but that we’re able to go away on holiday!!) – how my small fill up would have probably been enough to feed him for a good week or so, and how giving him something as small as a packet of food could really change his day. This is a man who’s doing hard labour in the complex all day. A man who has to feed a family at home in Pretoria, including 5 young children. And he doesn’t have two slices of bread…3.days.before.payday (assuming, of course, that he gets paid on the 25th of the month; longer if he has to wait until the end!).

In Christianity, kindness is described as loving your neighbour. This, irrespective of whether your neighbour is your friend or your enemy. I am not offay with how other religions describe kindness, but I’m pretty sure that it’s an integral part of the teachings of many other religions. In a world where people are suffering in so many areas of their lives. In a country where such disparity exists amongst our people – from food to education, homes (or lack thereof) to families. In a time where people’s lives have been turned upset down, destroyed, gutted. Where people have lost loved ones due to the pandemic. In a generation where mental illness is ravaging people young and old. YOU be the difference. I’ve said it many times on this blog…be kind to yourself. But be kind to others too!! It takes nothing off your back to smile at somebody. To extend a helping hand. To provide food, even if it’s a slice of bread. To give somebody a jersey or an old or unused pair of pants. To call somebody to check up on them. To send a message to tell somebody you’re thinking about them. To spend a little extra time with your kids. YOUR small actions can change somebody’s life. And do it without expecting anything in return! Do it because you want to. Change your actions, change your mindset, think of others too.

Happy Friday y’all xxx

Let’s talk about sleep


I can’t remember being a bad sleeper while I lived at home during my school years, and when I ask my folks, they don’t recall me having sleep issues either. But when I finished school, I went to study at UCT and I lived in res, sharing with another girl also in first year. I chose to share. I’m a people’s person. I do not enjoy being alone, even though as I get older, I am learning to appreciate the value of being on my own. Anyway, I digress. We both had similar sleep times. It’s not like sharing caused me to sleep worse because she slept late or partied till all hours and came in at all hours interrupting my sleep. But ever since I moved out of the house, I became a bad sleeper. I remember always being tired in varsity and being a light sleeper didn’t help! Both of us slept with our windows open all through the year, even during the rain, and so I’d often wake up to the noises of drunken students walking to or from their residences late at night, or cars driving by on the road just beneath our window. I stayed in res for the first 3years of university (1 year on my own in my own room and even then, I don’t recall sleeping well). In my 4th year, I moved out to a shared house. I lived with 3 other girls. Later on in the year, we added 1 other body into the house and there was constantly noise. To make things worse, we had very different opinions of how things should be done in the house (shared food, cleaning duties etc.) very early in the year, and so my modus operandi – just to cope – included getting up at the crack of dawn so that I was out of the house before anybody even woke up! The year after, my sister and I moved to a flat next to a railway line. And the following year, we moved to a flat alongside a very busy main road in Kenilworth. Let’s just say that none of these promoted good sleeping! I often relied on sleeping tabs to get to me to sleep and I remember one specific night where I was so exhausted that I contemplated killing myself – I kid you not. It was a very brief low moment, but it crossed my mind and I clearly remember, it was because I was sleeping so badly.

Roll on a few years later. My sleep continued to be bad. Sleeping tabs have always helped me. And then I had Ethan. And well, sleeping tablets were not an option with having to be up and alert for a child who woke up constantly during the night (at the age of about 7months, he woke up every hour, literally, and I had to go to sleep at 7pm just to cope with being awake all night!!) until the age of 3.5years old. In fact, for those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you’ll remember that Riley slept through the night before Ethan, at the tender age of 6weeks…12hours straight – 7 to 7…my dad kept saying it’s not normal. I kept saying that God finally looked down on me and thought you’ve suffered enough my child, here…have a sleeper 🙂

It’s this same sleeper who still loves to sleep. This child can sleep until 9am in the morning, a full 12hours+ some days. He is 6 and he literally sleeps through his alarm clock some days!! This morning, the alarm rang persistently for 5 whole minutes, and this child Can you believe it?!?!?! His brother (having slept in my bed because of a nightmare in the early hours of this morning) even woke up with the alarm ringing in the next room but nooooo, not Mr Riley.

For me who relies on sleeping pills every night – yup, every night! – sleeping so well is very foreign to me. I take over the counter pills so they’re not super strong, but on Sunday night, I even took two hoping that I’d be completely zonked out till the morning – mostly because I felt scared of the night noises sleeping alone in the house! – and I still laid awake for most of the night. I wish I could sleep through the night. I wish I slept deeply. That every noise didn’t wake me. Even when the goldfish swims against the stones in it’s fishbowl during the night (it lives in my room, I love my life, hahahaha), I wake up! And I’ve tried the no TV before bed, not being on the phone, rescue drops, everything…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s funny how my body has become so accustomed to the lack of sleep. I still function well (well, relatively well) every day, and I am normally awake long before my alarm goes off usually just laying in the dark willing myself back to sleep 😦 Well, enough of that, let’s hear from you…

How do you sleep at night?

Are you a heavy or light sleeper?

What about your kids?

How many hours of sleep do you need in order to “function” properly the next day?

Do you every sleep in – weekends, public holidays – is sleep as foreign to you as it is to me even on these days?

Less than a month till school holidays…

…but who’s counting?!?!

Us human beings are so strange! Never ever really quite happy with what we have.

Curly hair: I wish my hair was straight, Brazilian to get it that way. Straight hair: perm (in the old days!), to get bouncy curls.

Hot weather: I’m so tired of this hot weather, I wish it would rain or we would have at least one cold day in bed. Cold weather: ag, why is it raining so much, I wish the sun would shine.

Full menu at a restaurant: there are too many options, I can’t decide. Short menu with limited choices: there’s not enough choice, I feel so restricted.

Work from the office 9 – 5: I wish we had the option to work from home when we felt like it, just to stay in bed on cold days. Work from home full day during a global pandemic: I wish I could go to the office, I miss seeing other adults and getting dressed up and wearing make-up………[Okay, maybe this one is just me 😉 ]

It’s funny how our brains are wired hey?! This morning, I caught myself right in the middle of one of these funny situations…

Waking up on a Monday morning for work and school is never fun, but especially when one of your kids is a sleeper. Riley can sleep for days! He’s just like his dad. He even sleeps through his alarm and this morning was one of those where he once again slept right through the bugle alarm that I set. Have you listening to the bugle tune??? How can anybody sleep through that??? Okay, I digress…so I eventually managed to drag him out of bed to the diningroom table for breakfast. He rubbed his eyes for a few minutes very dramatically, and then proceeded to eat his cereal with.his.eyes.closed. Every thing was an effort for him this morning. I had to literally push him along with every task until we walked out of the door.

Then remember we’re doing the lift club thing? Well, this week is mine to drop the kids in the morning. We walked outside at 6:50am (the latest we should be leaving home…6:45 is more what I aim for!…5minutes can make or break me, I promise you) only to see that the neighbours were not ready to leave yet – there was no sign of them, the garage all still locked up. So I bundled the kids into the car, reversed the car out of the garage and up to their garage with the boot open so that when they rolled out of the house, they could just shove their bags in the boot and we could move! The oldest son came out, put his bag in and jumped in the car, ready and rearing to go (he’s a morning child and absolutely loves school, so this morning thing ain’t no problem for him!). There was no sign of the youngest for a good minute or two, and when he finally emerged, his mum was walking behind him looking really quite annoyed and I chirped…arggghhh, when is it school holidays, can school end already???? And then I had a good chuckle to myself on the drive to school (the kids sat in silence this morning, they were clearly also tired and very much over the early mornings!!)…

In January this year, I was the parent complaining about the kids being at home. When it was announced that we’d start the school year off with homeschooling, I almost died. It was the one thing I was dreading going into the 2021 year. I was that parent quite happy to drop my children outside the school’s closed gates after the two weeks of homeschooling, and leave my kids to their own devices for the duration of the supposed school day if the schools decided to postpone the opening any further. I flat out refused to continue schooling them at home. And look at me now! Wishing that they were home. Ai jai jai…human beings…always complaining, never every really happy 🙂 🙂 🙂