So last night, we went out for dinner with two good friends who are getting married next year!  We were really looking forward to the evening out as nana and grandpa were visiting from Durban and were babysitting Ethan and they had given us the “pink slip” to spend the night out all on our own without our little man. 

Now I’m sure many mothers will be able to identify with me when I express my excitement at having some alone time with the hubster…when Ethan was born, the first few times I left him, I felt heartsore and even quite guilty.  Leaving him all on his own with his grandparents or aunty felt like I was abandoning him and I even felt these feelings when I walked to the toilet or had a little longer than usual shower, I kid you not!  But after a few evenings out and with the reassurance from his babysitters that he was just fine when we were not around, I am now a pro at quickly feeding him, giving him a hug and a kiss and then leaving him in the capable hands of the babysitter to enjoy my evening out. 

So we ummm’ed and aaahhh’ed at whether to spend the night out on our own or to have some adult company and I think we made the right decision when we contacted our friends.  A lot of the conversation centered around Ethan as you can well imagine and their upcoming wedding but all in all, we had a fantastic time out.  The night ended a bit short as nana and grandpa needed to have an early night so that they were well rested for their trip back to Durban this morning and as we jumped in the car, I started thinking of how long we’d get to sleep, whether Ethan would sleep through or wake up in the middle of the night, whether I should express or not and that’s how it goes when you have a baby. 

Angelo and I have been together for 11years, married for 3 – we didn’t rush into having a baby, we thought we’d enjoy being married and just being together, the two of us for a little while until of course, I started getting broody.  We planned as best we could (any mother will tell you that as much as you prepare for your baby, you can NEVER be prepared) and we knew that having a baby would change our lives forever!  Who would have imagined that it would change so drastically though…a year ago, we’d go out and stay out till any time, sleep in on Saturday and Sunday mornings, watch movies till all hours, sit chatting or eating junk food even in the week…4months ago, our lives changed, and no longer do we have that freedom to do whatever we like whenever we like.  We are fortunate to have a real good baby…when I say good, I mean that he’s always pleasant, smiles a lot, loves to lay and play and sleeps very well to name a few of his “good traits” (*PROUD MAMA*).  Needless to say, our lives are now dictated by Ethan, and everything from waking up and getting bathed to eating supper and leaving the house revolves around Ethan and his routines.  Our lives may have changed drastically, but I cannot imagine a single minute without my baby boy…love you little man Ethan xxx


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