So…I’ve been reading about all these blogs in lots of magazines and it seems like this is the new “in” thing.  I guess there are quite a few benefits to blogging…

1.  You are able to express yourself in the way that you like to do it and nobody is forced to “listen” to you…I can see this working VERY well for my husband!!

2.  It’s like an online diary where you can express your feelings without having to hoard tons of books and pages over the years which you’ll probably never ever read again.

3.  You can rant and rave without getting worked up much (except in your head I would imagine – but again, my husband would REALLY appreciate this) as opposed to running around the house like a raving lunatic.

4.  You can rant and rave without making a single sound other than banging at the keys on your keypad…perhaps I should rather blog on somebody else’s computer instead of destroying my keys.

5.  You can express your opinion/thoughts to more than one person without first attempting to align everybody’s diaries to find a date when everybody’s available…don’t get me wrong here, I enjoy interacting with friends and family but sometimes, there just isn’t time.

And this is just some of my thinking as to why a blog would be great.  I’ve also read a lot of blogs over the last few months, in particular, my cousin’s Memoirs4MyMunchkins and find it quite nice to realise that a lot of things that happen to me happen to other people as well so I don’t feel like a headless chicken or like a freak of nature especially in the motherhood department (which I’m brand new in…more on that to follow).

So today marks the first day of my blogging adventure.  Here’s hoping it’s a fun experience, really looking forward to it 🙂


3 responses »

  1. marissa de vries says:

    Go Howe! Looking forward to reading! Lots of love xxx

  2. Olivia Billings says:

    Lol… Looks good and quite exciting Jodie!! Good luck with the blogging 😉 mwah

  3. Zelda Tate says:

    Happy Blogging Jo!

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