So today marks the first day of my first full week at work as a mummy! 

I came back to work last week Thursday thinking that working two days of the week would ease me into being at work and what a good idea it was.  Thursday and Friday were more of a “catch up” and with my parents around to “oversee the transition”, I felt confident being at work the whole day and even quite excited to have some adult company during the day and be in touch with the “real world” again.  I DID feel the strange looks when people asked “how are you coping”, “are you missing your baby”, “don’t you wish you were at home” and I responded quite casually about how nice it is to be back, how I missed the people at work but of course not the work itself and how I was coping just fine!!

Fast forward to today…Ethan had a bad night’s sleep which of course means that I am exhausted, he will be alone with his nanny, Alice, for the first time today, I will be back at work for a full 7 – 4pm day, there will be nobody to cook supper tonight (except me of course!), nobody to pop around to see if everything’s going okay with Alice, nobody to pick him up if he starts screaming like a banshee ‘cos he’s tired of Alice or misses his mum or just feels out of sorts…so as you can imagine, today is going to be quite challenging but today also marks the first day of our new reality! 

Two Parents and a Baby…hopefully we’ll do better than Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson in Three Men and a Little Baby…fingers crossed 🙂


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