So Angelo and I have this term in our house…if you wake up in the morning and you’re just feeling out of sorts and not in a good mood then you’re a “grumpy pants”. 

I must admit that I, however, am more of a morning person (Angelo may disagree!) but generally, I’m in a good mood when I wake up.  Once I hit the shower, I feel fresh and ready for action!  Even prior to having a baby, I would come into work at 7am and leave at 4pm – in that way, I don’t ever sit in traffic which is quite an achievement if you live in Johannesburg.  I usually leave for work and Angelo is fast asleep – the last two mornings, both Ethan and Angelo have been sleeping when I’ve left, enough to put anybody in bad mood when you’re up at the crack of dawn on your own but I enjoy it 🙂  I have been getting done in silence, driving to work in silence and so when I come into the office, I am ready to tackle the day and I’m generally in a great mood!!  Okay, there are the odd mornings when I wake up and I’m “grumpy pants” but those are few and far between. 

As you can imagine, when I get into the office, most of the lights are off as they’re those censored ones and with only a few people in at 7am, there are only one or two lights on here and there but not in my team…there is one of my colleagues who generally gets here about 5/10minutes before me (you can see by the morning e-mails that she’s been in from that time).  This lady is old enough to be my mother, in fact, her eldest child is 3years younger than me so she REALLY could be my mum.  I have NEVER met ANYBODY who is so moody…talk about being a grumpy pants!!!!!!  This morning, I walk in and compliment her on how lovely she looks and how the colour of her shirt really suits her and I barely get a glance accompanied by a grunt straight afterwards.  HELLLOOOOO, somebody is COMPLIMENTING YOU, can you AT LEAST say thank you!!!!!!!!!!!  And then we proceed to sit in silence ‘cos quite clearly somebody is grumpy pants today.

So here we go again, another morning of me sitting in silence till the rest of the sleepy heads walk in at 8:30-ish…it’s going to be a long day…


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  1. marissa de vries says:

    I know I can be a grumpy pants! Like to wake up quietly before anyone intrudes on my morning! Xxx

  2. Zelda Tate says:

    Hope the ‘grumpy pants’ at the office doesn’t have access to your Blog!!!!

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