This weekend, we decided to surprise the old folks grandparents and drive through to Durban.  This was our “test” as to how Ethan would cope as this was his first car trip and it was also a “trial run” for our BIG trip to PE at the end of the month. 

We planned to leave Jo’burg early on Friday afternoon to beat the afternoon rush which we have been caught in on more than one occassion…I mean, who really wants to start off the already short weekend stuck in traffic!  So after packing a tog bag with our clothes and a suitcase plus toy box, toiletry bag, blankets, bottles, bibs, dummies etc. for Ethan, we were off to Durban at 2pm on the dot.  Ethan fell asleep immediately and I was hoping that he’d at least sleep for half the trip…ummmm, wishful thinking – half an hour later, he woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to be in on the action!!!!  The trip went well with us only stopping twice – once for a quick smoke/toilet break and the other for a bite to eat.  I changed Ethan’s nappy for the first time in the car which went smoothly BUT I forgot the wet wipes at home (bad mum!).  Fortunately, he only had a wee nappy and even MORE fortunately, he didn’t spray the car whilst I was changing him 🙂 

We arrived at home at 8pm.  Grandpa was home with both Ethan’s aunties but nana was out 😦  To say that grandpa was shocked is an understatement. I think in his excitement, he even forgot that he needed to press the button to open the gate…fortunately, the delay was only a few seconds, and when we drove into the garage, grandpa sprinted to grab his grandson who by this time was over tired!  Nana, unfortunately, figured out the surprise at the last minute and probably sped back in anticipation from the birthday party that she was at.  Needless to say, Ethan was up way past his bed time playing with his grandparents, but Angelo and I were not bothered at all ‘cos he was also sleeping with them so neither of us needed to wake up at all hours of the night with the change in routine!!  We jumped into bed SUPER EXCITED to have a good night’s rest – Angelo couldn’t stop babbling away, that’s how excited he was, and I eventually had to tell him to be quiet so that we could eventually get to sleep instead of staying up chatting all night.  Saturday morning, we woke up fully rested, and made our way down to the beach with Ethan in his swimsuit for his first beach experience.  Unfortunately, the wind was not playing along and we couldn’t take him onto the beach, but we did have a lovely breakfast with the ocean view in the background…aaahhhh, the beach, one thing Jo’burg will never have.  Just the sound of the waves is enough to relax anybody.  We spent the afternoon relaxing – I even had a nap – and Angelo watched the sport in peace while nana entertained Ethan.  Saturday evening, we went out to dinner with my sister and what a pleasure it was to have adult company and not rush to get home to Ethan and worry about getting into bed early so that I could get up in the middle of the night to see to him.  But unlike daddy who finds it easy to “switch off” when we’re not with Ethan, mummy battles quite a bit and my mind was on Ethan most of the evening.  At least I wasn’t too panicked ‘cos I knew that Ethan was in the capable hands of his grandparents. 

Nana released her clutch left Ethan long enough on Sunday morning to make us breakfast, so we started the day off on a good note.  Left Durban after 12 and we were safely back in Jo’burg at 6pm.  Ethan did so well in the car – I’m still worried about our PE trip as it’s more than double the Durban distance, but hopefully Ethan will be just as cheerful and the traffic will work in our favour. 

Overall, it was a great weekend (although way too short!) in Durban and nana and grandpa thoroughly enjoyed their surprise!!!


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  1. Zelda Tate says:

    I could really do with some more of those kinda surprises! I’m eternally grateful to you & Ang for bringing Ethan to Durban to see his Nana (never mind Gramps). Everyone told me being a grandparent is something ‘special.’ It’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced (obviously). Such immense love & joy! Nana loves you little Ethan – and I’m already counting the days until I’ll be able to hold you in my arms again

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