So this morning, I made the decision to go to the traffic department and renew my drivers’ license.  While I was on maternity leave, I realised that it was going to expire soon, however, as Ethan took up all most of my time while on leave, I thought I’d rather do it once I was back at work and had some time to quickly pop out during lunch or before work or something like that. 

So today was the day…my drivers expires next week Friday (don’t judge!  I know people who are driving with expired licenses *no names mentioned* or none at all) and I thought the best time to go would be at the crack of dawn before all the late risers decided to pull in.  So there I was at 7:10am in the parking lot to scope out what the queues looked liked, fully knowing that I needed pictures but you know there are ALWAYS those clever peeps making an extra buck a few metres away from the deparment all too ready to take your picture for you!  Queue short enough, check…then it was time for my photo.  With my freshly washed and blowed hair, I sat down for my pic only to get up and the guy to ask whether I have a copy of my ID because apparently they need that.  That’s when it dawned on me (not as hard as yesterday’s dawning of the NO PURSE…phew, purse, check!…) that my drivers’ license is still in my maiden surname and so not only did I not have my ID but my drivers wouldn’t suffice and I needed my “new” ID and marriage certificate.  I rushed home (thank goodness we live 5min away), grabbed it out of the infamous baby bag and rushed back in record time to the photo guy to pick up my pics and across the road to the photocopy lady to make a copy of my ID and marriage certificate ‘cos apparently that’s what they need. 

The queue at the traffic office by this time was fortunately not too bad and there was a dedicated person for drivers license renewals so that sped things up a bit.  The efficiency of the department amazed me – their eye test machine is great, the fingerprints are checked electronically and the camera is placed in exactly the right position to take a picture (why in the world did I need to bring my own which they used as well – what are they doing with the picture that they took??) plus they have a scanning machine that scans the barcode of your existing drivers so all-in-all, they have all their ducks in a row.

As an added “bonus” at the Malboro station, the chairs where you wait face the testing ground.  While I was waiting, I saw a driver alley docking knock into a pole, FAIL and I saw a learner truck driver ROLL on the hill, EPIC FAIL!!  So not only was my experience pain free but it was entertaining as well…it reminded me of my FOUR drivers license exams!! 

So there you have it, in 4-6weeks, I will have my new drivers license reflecting my surname, HOWE, and that’s it folks…all traces of Tate will be officially gone!!


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  1. Zelda Tate says:

    That’s what you think …. YOU’LL ALWAYS BE A ‘TATE’ LOL

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