It’s true what they say, children grow up too quickly.  To think this time last year, I had just found out that I was pregnant and now Ethan is nearing 5months!  Sjoe, how the time has flown.  A few things that I’ve noticed Ethan doing over the last few days…

1. He has discovered his legs and feet – when he sits, he reaches out for his toes and when he’s in the bath, he pulls his legs up in the air while he’s laying on his “bath recliner”, reaches for his feet and then drops them in the water quickly making a huge splash over and over again.

2. He giggles – a full on giggle now, not just a smile.  He has a good old hearty chuckle when his mum or dad do some strange things which means that we’re actually walking around doing funny faces, actions and noises constantly ‘cos as Angelo pointed out a few nights ago, if you just carry on as “normal”, Ethan doesn’t seem to be interested at all…some Andrews genes there I’m sure (no offense to the Andrews’s reading this)! 

3. He doesn’t like the taste of his cereal anymore – this could be due to the fact that we just can’t resist letting him taste things like bananas, yoghurt (this was his aunty’s doing and she only admitted to it more than a week after!), fruit smoothies which we make every now and again at home and the OH SO FUN Easter egg that his nana bought him for Easter which he’s allowed to have a piece of every now and again…perhaps the bland taste of cereal doesn’t attract him anymore so today, I’m going to try and buy a different flavour that perhaps will entice him more!!

4. He has started swallowing his own saliva – which works just well for me ‘cos I am TIRED of changing 100 bibs a day!!!!!!

5. He watches mum and dad like we’re the greatest things on the planet – if we’re sitting together and one of us leaves the room, Ethan watches us all the way till we’re out the room.

6. He’s started screeching with excitement – now this is even more fun for us than the giggling because I’m sure it’s an “inkling” of what his personality is like, and so far, it seems that he’s has a great sense of humour! 

7. He can stay up for longer periods of time – as a baby, I started a routine very early and Ethan used to sleep 1.5hours after he woke up like clockwork.  These days, Ethan can stay up for more than 2hours without getting crabby. 

I cannot believe that just over four months ago, Ethan was a few days old and relied completely on his mum for everything.  Now he’s growing up and becoming an independent little boy but he’ll always be our precious little baby!!!


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