Angelo turned 30 last week.  For those of you who know me, you’ll know that birthdays are HUGE in our family and especially the “big ones” (although my dad cannot understand how 30 is a big birthday!!)…so I had been planning his birthday for about two months. 

I wanted to come up with AWESOME gifts, things that were different, things that Angelo would be super impressed with.  So weeks before, I already started looking (thank goodness for the Internet) and when the 10th of May came round, I was so excited, it felt like it was actually MY birthday.  I also arranged a dress up dinner, and then the cherry on the top was the overnight stay at the Indaba hotel that I booked as a surprise so that we could party as late as we wanted, and not have to worry about still driving home.  We could also have a full night’s sleep as Ethan was at home with his nana who, of course, jumped at the opportunity to babysit giving us some “adult time”!

So seeing as we were going out for dinner on the “birthday weekend”, I decided just to have a very simple dinner on Angelo’s actual birthday…fillet with mushroom sauce, garlic and herb potatoes and roasted veggies.  I couldn’t exactly just skip making dinner…I mean, after all, why would I go and spoil such a perfect day (I even sent cake to work for his colleagues!) with a boring meal but at the same time, the amazing gifts that I had bought left me somewhat broke cash strapped, so a simple dinner it was. 

I could barely contain my excitement as Saturday rolled on.  Keeping a secret is not my forte and I couldn’t wait to see Angelo’s face when I broke the news that we’d be spending the night away…it was definitely worth the wait as he was so excited about being away for the night that we sped home from Ethan’s clinic appointment and he couldn’t stop smiling as he packed his bag quickly when we got back home.  We checked into the hotel after 3pm, ordered room service, watched tv, chatted (unfortunately, most of the chat revolved around Ethan and our plans for the near and distant future…the joys of being a parent, having discussions about things other than your child/children is not easy!!) and just enjoyed each others company.  We left for the restaurant literally 5minutes before the time as the hotel was just around the corner from where we were celebrating and fortunately, our guests were on time as well.  In total, there were 11 of us, the perfect number as all of us could partake in the same conversation without having to scream and shout from one end of the table to the other.  Angelo was very lucky as the soccer guys clubbed together to buy him Puma Aguero soccer boots (I think they’re hoping that he’ll score more often now!!) which I thought was a very original idea. 

Supper was AMAZING!  The Meat Rodizio at Rodizios in Fourways is always a winner and all of us chose that for dinner.  The company was great, the entertainment good and all in all, I think we all had an awesome night.  Some signs of getting older though…we only had a few drinks (5years ago, we would have been having tons of shooters and trying to get the birthday boy drunk!), none of us danced (okay, this was mostly due to the music not being great, however, we were just happy to sit, eat, chat and have a few drinks) and by 12, we had settled the bill and we were ready to go home (5years ago, we would have partied till all hours of the morning and if the music wasn’t great where we were, we would have moved the party to a club!). 

We were in bed close on 1am, we watched a bit of tv and then we hit the sack.  Funny how one’s body adjusts…we were both up in the middle of the night (or rather, the morning) to use the loo and have a drink of water and we were also up before 8am…who in the world wakes up before 8 when there’s no rush to get home!!  We watched a movie in bed and then had a delicious buffet breakfast before heading home.  I must admit, although I didn’t call frantically every few minutes to find out how Ethan was (I think I only sent three BBM’s to my mum the whole time we were away), I couldn’t wait to get back to our baby, just to hug him and to see his smile 🙂 

Overall, I think that Angelo had a great birthday…well, I like to think so at least, and I hope that he remembers that MY big 3-0 is only 10months away so he better start planning…hahahahah!! 

Love you birthday boy xxx


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