Pre-Ethan, I REALLY looked forward to weekends.  Come Friday, I couldn’t wait to get home.  Okay, most times, we hardly had any plans.  But just to be able to put your feet up and relax, watch movies, eat junk, sleep in, have afternoon naps…that’s the nice things that weekends are made of!  Angelo and I (or more myself really) would plan weekends in advance, line up outtings, visit new restaurants, go to the drive-in and many a time, we’d just enjoy cuddling up and enjoying each others companies with no alarms, no meetings, no bosses to account to, no schedules to work around and no traffic to sit in. 

Post-Ethan, weekends have taken on a new meaning completely!  Gone are the mornings of sleeping in – we are now awake at 5:30am-ish.  Gone are the movie marathons – Ethan stays still for about 10minutes and then he wants to be up or play with something else or sit in a new position or DEMAND get our attention (which I completely understand – afterall, he only sees us for a few hours a day in the week!).  Gone are the day of eating out at new restaurants – in fact, gone are days of eating out period!!  Gone are the afternoon naps – sleeping is now only done when MASTER HOWE sleeps and even during the day when he’s sleeping, it’s time to make bottles, time to clean up the toys, time to cook dinner…so really, sleeping only happens at night and lately, sleeping doesn’t even happen then (that deserves a whole blogpost on it’s own!!). 

In a nutshell, our weekends are no longer ours.  As much as people say – you shouldn’t let your baby dictate your schedule, he should fall into yours and move along with you – it’s just easier to co-ordinate everything around Ethan!  So another weekend’s come and I’m once again planning things around Ethan.  Although our weekends have taken on a new meaning, I still can’t wait to get home…to see Ethan…to see his smile, to hear his giggles and baby noises, to wrap my arms around him and cuddle, to lay on the bed with him and chat, to play with him and his toys, to watch him fall asleep, to kiss his little hands while he explores my face, to watch him splash in the bath at bathtime, to watch his excitement when daddy comes home…that’s what makes my weekends now…so BRING ON THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t wait for family time 🙂


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