Hi, I’m Jodie and I have PPWD and I’m not afraid to say it!  I’ve thought long and hard about it, done various tests to check that I’ve diagnosed myself correctly and discussed it with various people and it’s true, I have it!  Who would have thought that at the tender age of 29, this would be a problem in my life.  I’m sure my mother will say I TOLD YOU SO and she’d be right of course, as mothers always are.  Now to tackle it head on and ensure that I can get over it as quick as possible.  I’m afraid to talk to people about it for fear of boring them to death, I’m afraid to look in the mirror, I’m afraid to go out in public, I’m afraid to come to work – it’s starting to affect my daily life more than I could have ever imagined and now I think it’s time to take the proverbial bull by the horns and make a plan…

For those of you who are mothers, you may have experienced this yourselves.  I personally think it’s worse after baby number one.  I’m hoping that once the next few babies come along, you either get over it or you know how to tackle it or maybe even disguise it.  Yes, it’s the dreaded postpartum WEIGHT distress!!!!!!  During my pregnancy, I picked up a grand total of 18.5kgs.  I was super stressed about my weight especially as my gynae kept telling me how my weight gain was “excessive”.  I would go for my monthly check up, hold my breathe in and hope that I had just gained an “acceptable” amount of weight.  Everybody said – don’t stress, after the baby, you’ll lose most of the weight and that was true – at my six week checkup, I had already lost 16kgs and that was just from breastfeeding (which, by the way, works like a bomb!) without doing any exercise whatsoever.  People were telling me how great I looked and my pants were getting looser and looser every day.  Fast forward a few months later and I’m just about fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes so my weight is looking pretty good and I’m not too concerned about it…except for the dreaded…TUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

My cousin told me even in the early stages that beating the “bulge” would be the hardest part of it all and it was fine to have a huge slightly bigger tummy two months post pregnancy, but six months later, I wouldn’t be smiling when my tummy would be the same size and people would start thinking I’m three months pregnant and oh was she right!!  I had a shower the other night, looked down and thought – wow, it looks like I’m pregnant again – oh, that wise cousin of mine was SOOOOOOO right!!!!  Even pulling my tummy in makes absolutely no difference to the way my tummy looks and if I don’t start doing something soon, I’m probably going to look about five month pregnant any day now!

So project “ELIMINATE THE TUMMY” needs to start soon.  I’m not going to kid myself by making endless promises that I’ll join the gym again and that I’ll go for jogs in the morning and afternoon and that I’ll start eating salads everyday ‘cos let’s face it, with a five and a half month old baby, time is of course of the essence and I really don’t have time to dedicate to a full exercise regime…however, I’ve decided to start off small and at least do SOMETHING to try and get my bulge into shape.  So every afternoon, I’ll be taking Ethan for a walk…okay, that doesn’t really help the tummy but I could do with some toning in other areas as well and it doesn’t hurt to be fit now does it!  I’ve decided – no snacks after a certain time in the evening (I will not disclose that time just yet for fear that I won’t be able to stick to it but I do have a time in mind :-)).  I need to start doing some tummy exercises – I’m not going to kid myself, I do NOT have the energy to be doing some “super woman” 1000 situps a day, however, even 10 situps is surely better than none 🙂  And then of course, there’s the Vibro Shape belt that my kind and loving sister bought for me pre-Ethan – the box says 10minutes a day, I’ll start with that and hope that it helps in some way (hopefully it will help in a few months and not a few years!!!).

So as of today (and no, I won’t wait till Monday like most of my family do because we all know that next Monday rolls into the following one and the following one and before you know it, three Monday’s have passed and you haven’t done anything), I’m going to implement my plan.  Here’s hoping that I can get rid of my PPWD and be looking like a yummy mummy soon-ish!!  🙂 


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  1. Zelda Tate (proud Nana.... and oh so ready for a grandchild number 2! says:

    Here’s an even beter suggestion. Instead of stressing over it now – and then baby no. 2 comes along and you’re right back where you started from …. have a play mate for little Ethan soon! Tie the knot afterwards – than you can really concentrate on getting rid of the bulge once and for all!

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