Watch out, move out of the way, move the fine china ‘cos zombie’s in the house!  Yup, that’s me – the walking zombie!!  From sleeping through the night at about 3months to waking up once or twice at 3.5-5months to now waking up on average SEVEN TIMES a night!!  Take note those wanting to have babies soon…having a baby is no child’s play (excuse the pun!).  You WILL NOT sleep the way you used to sleep especially in the first few months (and I’ve been told, maybe even the first few years)… 

I’m generally a light sleeper and not much of a sleeper at all, even pre-Ethan.  For some reason, during my varsity days, my sleeping patterns went out the window.  No, I was not a huge party animal and yes, I did study at some odd hours but somehow, when I went to varsity, I became a very light sleeper and I could survive on just a few hours of sleep a night.  So I thought that having a baby would not impact my sleep that much, and once Ethan settled into a routine, I was quite chuffed with the fact that I only had to get up once a night.  Fast forward to the last few weeks…Ethan goes to bed like clockwork between 8 and 8:30pm which is a reasonable time considering that in his first month, I’d put him to bed at 11pm…however, come 9:30, he’s up crying his head off and almost every hour after that, he wakes up crying.  I’m consoling myself with the notion that this is the “teething phase” (both his nurse and the paed have confirmed that it is in fact the start of teething) but WHAT IF IT’S NOT!!!!!!!!  What if when he really does start teething, he starts waking up TWELVE times a night?????????  What then.  I’ve said it before and I still maintain – God really has made us mums perfectly because funny enough, I can still survive a full day of work on a few hours sleep but wow, I’m really like a walking zombie these days.  My brain is barely functioning – I repeat things, I have to ask people to repeat themselves time and time again, I can’t remember things that happened a few days ago but I still think my brain is functioning pretty well otherwise…

Let’s hope that this is just another phase and in a few months time, I’ll be laughing at the memory of this because if this is how Ethan’s going to sleep permanently – I’m rethinking baby number 2 and really, Ethan can be an only child at this rate!!  The joys of being a mum 🙂


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  1. Robyn says:

    If it’s not teething, it will be something else! The good news is that eventually your body really does adjust to working on minimal sleep. Give that baby some teething meds please!

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