So today marks the end of my breastfeeding.  I had decided to try and breastfeed till 6months when Ethan was born.  He’s been eating “solids” since 3.5months old, he’s only really feeding before bed, once in the night and in the morning now and this teething and getting up 7/8times a night is just not working for me.  Checking my phone every time he gets up for the 2am feed…pure torture!  So last week I decided to give him a bottle at 2am instead of “the boob”.  Then I thought about it – I may as well stick to my plan and stop breastfeeding altogether, ‘cos really, two feeds a day when he’s already on solids and drinking formula perfectly well is just really for my sake more than for Ethan’s and these days, I think that formula is probably so evolved that baby gets more than enough nutrition from it!  Yes, they say breastmilk is best but he’s had a good six months of it and really, I know people who’ve breastfed for just a few weeks (my mother included) and their children turned out just fine (well, I THINK I’ve turned out fine :-)). 

My plan was going to work perfectly inline with our family getaway to Sun City this weekend.  My folks asked whether Ethan could stay with them for the week which I gave into after much um’ing and ah’ing – so it made sense to stop breastfeeding then – I said six months and he’d be six months by then.  But then I came down with a bad flu yesterday and I couldn’t resist taking meds.  I was in bed at 8:30pm last night and Ethan ended up sleeping with my mum.  He drank his 3am bottle like a charm and this morning, when I woke up, nana was feeding him another bottle so decision made – may as well stop now.  It’s bitter sweet of course like with every other milestone that is reached with your baby but I’m looking forward to not wearing feeding bras and to having my boobs all to myself – I think that Ethan and I have bonded more than enough now and stopping breastfeeding will definitely not affect that so there it is, I’ve breastfed for six months successfully and my boy is now officially off the boob – yeah!!!!  Here’s hoping he doesn’t give his mama grief when I try give him a bottle in the middle of the night ‘cos you KNOW how these kids have a way of wrapping you around their fingers!!!!


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