So this past weekend, my hubby, Ethan and I joined my parents at Sun City.  The plan was that we’d all spend the weekend together and then Ethan would spend the full week there on his own with my parents giving Angelo and I the week alone to “bond” and “rekindle” our relationship…all those “nice things” that seem to go out the window when you have a baby!  At first, I was very apprehensive – not because I’m worried about Ethan being alone with my folks but because I was worried about ME being without Ethan!!!!!  But after careful consideration (and a number of nights of getting up 7/8times), I decided that extra sleep some adult time would do us a world of good and that Ethan would probably really enjoy the undivided attention from his grandparents 🙂

On a side note, we had the unfortunate task of firing our previous nanny.  Long story, but after careful consideration, we made the decision that we were not happy for her to even stay one more day and that left us in the lurch and desperate to find somebody else to take care of Ethan asap.  We considered creche but both decided that we’d prefer Ethan to have individual attention at home rather than dumping him in a creche at such a young age (and I know other people DO do it and you get really good creches out there, but I guess it’s just a personal preference!).  So up we flew nana who was all too happy to help and to spend some time with her only grandson!  And so we started the interview process for the fourth time!!!!!  We interviewed five people through an agency and decided on a lovely lady, mid-30’s, who lived very close to us only to find out the following morning that she had secured another job in the interim.  The agency then set up another round of interviews and last week Thursday, we met Jeanette who we’ve now employed as Ethan’s new nanny. 

So Jeanette started yesterday and we decided that Ethan’s trip would be cut short as my folks offered to come home and be with Jeanette and Ethan for a few days before leaving them alone.  So he stayed Sunday and Monday night (thank goodness it was only for two nights ‘cos I missed him soooooooooooooo much!!!!) and today they’re back again.  Angelo and I had a great evening together on Sunday – we watched movies, got take-out, had a bath together, chatted and caught up on the car ride back from Sun City and I didn’t even have to rush to get into bed straight after Ethan went down for fear of waking up every hour thereafter to pat him back to sleep.  I got home last night and I had so much time, I didn’t even know what to do with myself – Angelo went to soccer – really, what did I do “pre-Ethan”??  Two nights have felt like an entire week and I really don’t think I would have survived until the end of the week so I guess it’s just as well that he’s back today…only a few more hours and then I get to go home…can’t wait to see my boy!!!!!  🙂


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