To end off a great two weeks with my mum and just over a week with my dad, we went out with my folks last week Thursday night – my dad decided it was a good idea to belatedly celebrate his birthday with a dinenr so off we went to Primis at Melrose Arch. 

With Primis being Angelo favourite restaurant and quite a relaxed restaurant so we wouldn’t feel “embarrassed” by a screeching baby, we all jumped in the car in good spirits and headed off for an early dinner.  It was great to get out with some adult company and have some good food (although my choice of food wasn’t the greatest 😦 ) and even better that Ethan played along and went to bed just minutes before the food arrived, so we got to really enjoy our food and wine and chat without making baby sounds in between every sentence to entertain him. 

Over the last few weeks, Ethan’s become very confident sitting up on his own and he’s even stretching to grab things and his balance has improved remarkably!  He’s thoroughly enjoying his pram which we’ve only started putting him in in the last few days (without his baby chair) and he sits proudly bolt upright whenever he’s in it, keenly observing everything around.  He’s quite happy to even sit in his pram at the table and play with his toys as well as eat his lunch/dinner in it as well and of course, when he falls off to sleep, we can put the back right down and he can sleep comfortably in it which is an added bonus – the pram’s definitely a “must have” at the moment!!   

After a great evening, we bundled Ethan into his pram and headed for the car.  Grandpa was proudly pushing his grandson with daddy walking in front and nana and myself slowly following behind.  We jumped onto the escalator (yes, I know prams aren’t allowed on escalators but Melrose Arch has no lifts down to the parking lot where we parked unless you’re staying int he hotel!) down to the car and grandpa seemingly stepped wrong.  I just remember saying – dad, you shouldn’t step onto the same step as the pram and he was saying how he just couldn’t get his balance – when all of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ethan slip out the front of the pram and fall onto the escalator!!!!!!!!!  You know one of those “slow mo” falls when you literally see it happen but can’t seem to get there fast enough to stop it from happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My little boy bundled in layers of winter clothes with a beanie and a thick Woolies blanket (which I think actually helped break the fall!!) went rolling onto the escalator stairs and let out a cry so loud, my heart literally left my body.  I felt soooooooo helpless and what was worse was I could barely get past the pram to grab him as I was behind it on the escalator 😦  Fortunately, daddy dearest, the ex-goalkeeper, had the reflexes of an “Ethiopian wildcat” and literally grabbed him up a second after he hit the escalator but just hearing that scream and not being able to do anything for my son was so heartbreaking.  I could hear dearest nana almost in tears behind me while daddy tried to soothe his boy and make everything better.  Time felt like it stood still as I firstly tried to get to Ethan, then tried to calm him down and ascertain whether he had been hurt anywhere especially on his head as when Angelo lifted him, he was facing downwards, head first.  After what felt like eternity, Ethan finally calmed down and I got into the car still holding him close to me then decided to lift him up so that I could have a good look at him only to knock his head AGAIN on the handle above the door…BAD BAD MAMA!!!!  This of course resulted in a fresh round of tears and a double broken heart for me 😦 

Fortunately, Ethan was not injured too bad (he only had three blue marks at the back of his thigh which the nanny discovered the next day – again, bad bad mama for not inspecting him thoroughly the night before).  A few “take-homes” from this incident…

ALWAYS strap Ethan into the pram irrespective of how long he’s going to be in the pram or where we’re walking or who’s walking in front.

– These days, baby “paraphenalia” are made with safety features FOR A REASON…it doesn’t matter what our parents did years ago!!

– Accidents happen so quickly!

– There WILL be more times that Ethan gets hurt and I won’t be able to do anything to protect him.

– There are absolutely no words to describe a mother’s love for her child and the heartache she feels when her child gets hurt.

I thank God that the accident wasn’t worse and that besides the blue marks on his legs, Ethan is fine.  My baby has his first blue marks and I hope that the next ones are far far away!!! 


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