Ethan has been eating solids since he was 3.5months old.  Weighing 4.28kgs at birth, he’s always been a “big boy” and even now, at 6.5months, he’s the size and weight of a one year old, and is already wearing clothes 12months plus.  The nurse at the clinic, Immunotots, that we take Ethan to (yes, we’re THOSE parents who don’t visit a paed on a monthly basis but choose the more “cost effective” method of taking him for checkups and injections at the clinic) who I LOOOVVEEE and trust fully, suggested that he start on an “eating plan” at about 4.5months so as hopefully to improve him sleeping.  Needless to say, this hasn’t improved his sleeping but moving swiftly along…

We dutifully followed her guidelines about starting to give Ethan cereal morning and night (before then, he’d only been eating cereal in the morning and both nana and myself found that he wasn’t taking well enough to make it more frequent) as well as introduce veggies for lunch.  So I started with the easiest option available to me…PURITY!  Somehow, babies seem to love it even though personally, I think it tastes like nothing.  I mean, I can’t tell the difference between chicken and veg and chicken and potatoes…it just all tastes the same and the chicken flavour tastes nothing like proper chicken.  Ethan loved the vegetables – butternut and sweet potato being his favourite – but when I tried making my own fresh veggies, he didn’t seem to enjoy them at all and even spat them out…and this even after adding a little chicken stock to it which my mum suggested.  So Ethan’s been on a good routine of formula, cereal and purity for over a month now and over the weekend, after rereading Larraine’s (the nurse) food guide for babies, I realised that he’s almost 7months and I could start introducing more lumpier food of different textures. 

Of course (being again a bad bad mum!) I can’t seem to find the time to make food for Ethan myself.  Afterall, Purity is soooooooo convenient but I mean, the child has NO variety!!!! (there’s only so much varieties of Purity you can buy 😦 ).  After rereading the food guide about five times, I kept thinking that I really need to make an effort and that Ethan really needs to start eating new stuff, but REALLY, who has time to start cooking in the week one day before payday (the time when we have the bare minimum in the house)…queue WOOLWORTHS here!!!!  I have the fortunate unfortunate (in case hubby reads!!!!) convenience of driving past Woolworths food every single day to work and back and when you’re rushing home so that the nanny can leave by 5pm as per her contract, who can resist just quickly popping in.  If there was a Pick n Pay on the way, I may still stop there, but again, WHO CAN RESIST WOOLIES???!!!!! 

So I decided yesterday that I’d quickly pop in and see if I could at least find some Woolies baby yoghurt because my mum had bought that for Ethan while we were at Sun City and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  That’s when I found the Woolworths Baby Food.  I tentatively picked up two packets…fruity Chicken casserole and Sunday chicken lunch just to try it out with Ethan…at R15 a pack, Ethan was going to finish it even if I had to pour it down his throat gently coerce him into eating it. 

Let’s just say that no “bad mum tricks” had to be uncovered yesterday afternoon because I’ve NEVER seen my baby boy enjoy something as much as he did his food yesterday.  I mean, babies generally love Purity and Ethan is no exception to that generalisation but he LLLOOOVVVEEEEDDDDDDD the Woolies food.  He sat in his feeding chair smiling, toes and feet moving around like there was no tomorrow and even leaning forward and opening his mouth wide to eat more.  He ate the entire packet and the consistency was different from the Purity – as the label says, textured, not lumpy which if of course what I was trying to achieve in the first place by introducing new food to his diet.  Angelo and I were so amazed at how he enjoyed it, and I even gave him a little pureed berry dessert afterwards. 

Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees – to buy the baby food sachets even for the next month would cost me over R400 – so I better get my A into G and get cooking for Ethan.  One thing is for sure though…Woolworths IS the diggity bomb bomb!!!! 


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