So “Operation MBH” is well on it’s way.  Yup, 3months on, our building is all done, the carpets are cleaned, the floors have been retiled – all that’s left now is for the kitchen counters to be redone and the built in stove to be installed and then we’re moving back home (MBH)!!  🙂 

Aaaaah, what a feeling.  Like everybody says, it’s nice to be away sometimes, but it’s always great to get back home!  So we have two deliveries today and then the guys come in tomorrow to finish the kitchen and on Saturday, we’re A for away!!  It’s been a hectic week with us running around like a blue house fly trying to buy the last few things, let people in, let people out, choose different colours, patterns, tiles…I could go on forever with the list…I’ve felt sooooo overwhelmed…and of course, the end of the working day doesn’t mean that you can go home, relax and do nothing, ‘cos little Ethan is still at home when you get home, ready and waiting to play and be smothered with love. 

I took the day off yesterday just to wrap up a few things, and it literally took the entire day…9 – 5:30pm, but I was rewarded with a pleasant surprise.  I decided to take a quick breather and have a smoothie at Wimpy while feeding Ethan his lunch.  After he had finished, naughty mummy gave him some smoothie to taste on her finger (okay, this wasn’t the first time so VERY NAUGHTY MUMMY!) and on the third suck, he BIT and I thought he had bitten my skin open, that’s how sore it was.  So there I was at Wimpy checking out my boy’s mouth and lo and behold…he has his first little toofie!!!!  🙂  We had pancakes last night to celebrate, and this morning when he woke up, we laid in bed asking him whether he was up because he wanted to brush his TOOTH and if his tooth was doing okay this morning and if he wanted to chew on something hard now that he has a tooth…such proud parents. 

What a stressful few days but yup, us and the BIG BOY are finally moving home this Saturday and I can’t wait!!!!!!!!

Thanks again Lau for having us 🙂 🙂 🙂  We’ll miss coming home to you every day!


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  1. Zelda Tate says:

    Nana & Gramps also had pancakes! Nana’s still plotting when she can come to Jozzie again to check out the 1st ‘toofie’ herslf….. let alone the refurbished pozzie! Happy moving Jo , Ang ….and ofcourse…Ethan!

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