So this past weekend, as planned, we moved back home.  Now from this post – Operation MBH – you already know how much DRAMA we had running up to the move!  So on Friday night, I decided that I’d start with the packing while Ethan (who is now rolling over both ways and just about crawling) busied himself on the bed…needless to say, it’s much harder looking after a baby when they are mobile as opposed to one that just sits or lays playing with toys and gazing lovingly into his mother’s eyes 🙂  I managed to pack all of ONE BAG!  Thank goodness, Angelo took over and packed most of the other items in the house.  The plan was simple – we were going to finish up the last few things the next morning after Ethan had his morning feed, while he was catching his morning “snooze” (he goes back to bed most of the mornings after his 6am feed – “magie vol, ogies toe“)…simple, yes, practical NO.  Ethan went back to bed but the hubbie decided to catch a few winks himself.  So I got a head start on the kitchen stuff, and a few minutes later, our beloved nanny (who is close to getting a blog all on her own, bless her soul!) arrived to help out.  Angelo got out of bed and about five minutes later, the movers arrived…who would have guessed…FOURTY FREAKING MINUTES EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So there we were running around like headless chickens trying to pack the last few things because I was adamant that it was easier if they moved the bulk of the stuff, so we literally stuffed things into suitcases and black bags!  Of course, things don’t always work out as you plan, and so we had lots of odds and ends laying around.  Nevertheless, off we went back to our beloved home in Buccleuch, Ethan in his car seat oblivious of the chaos that was happening around him, Jeanette (the super nanny!) armed with all the cleaning stuff and myself racing like a monster so that I could view a house next door to where we lived just before the movers arrived.  Needless to say, the estate agent didn’t pitch, grrrrrrrr, but at least we were there before the movers.  So Jeanette and I got busy while Ethan busied himself with his toys and Angelo packed the last few things up at Lauren’s. 

After a few hours, everything was in (including the furniture that we stored in the garage while the tiler was busy) thanks to the very helpful movers.  Jeanette and I continued to clean until around midday when Angelo arrived with much needed samis and cooldrinks!  Then I took Jeanette home as she had prior commitments and after Ethan fell asleep, Angelo and I continued to unpack as much as we could. 

Needless to say, the problems that go with moving house and doing renovations happened to us as well…

– We didn’t have running water in the kitchen.

– We had no water pressure in the shower.

– We had no hot water at all in the bathroom.

– The guys who did the table tops literally knocked a few tiles and bricks out (which, I’ve been promised by Angelo was absolutely necessary but adds another “to-do” item onto our list as I am not happy with chunks of wall in grey concrete!)

By Saturday evening, we were absolutely exhausted and Steers definitely saved us!  Yes, I was DYING to cook in my new oven but the energy was just non-existent.  Plus we refused to have a shower in a cold trickle of water and we also had no inclination to drive all the way to Lauren so there went Saturday…we were super excited to be back in our own home but we were not very happy to be dirty 😦 

Roll on Sunday morning – STILL no hot water in the bathroom (not sure what I expected to happen overnight, but I was really hoping to wake up and have a fantastic shower!!).  So off we went to Lauren’s to have a shower and collect the last few things that were there.  With the promise from the plumber that he’d come past and sort out our water, we were all smiles!!  Angelo made us a little braai for lunch and Ethan sat outside and played in the grass under the watchful eye of his daddy while mummy washed the dishes and prepared the meat and salad…aaahhh, home sweet home. 

After two days, all that remained yesterday morning was our bags of shoes and clothes.  That of course was solved yesterday as Jeanette did all the unpacking but lo and behold…I can’t find my wedding ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have NO IDEA where it is.  It’s not something I keep on all the time.  When I get home, I take it off as changing nappies, bathing Ethan, cooking and working with baby food is not an ideal environment for a white gold ring!  Heaven forbid I need to spend MORE MONEY now to get my ring replated.  The last I remember, I took it off when I was going to have a bath on Saturday morning (the bath that never happened ‘cos the movers came early).  I’m really hoping that it’s just on a counter or table top at Lauren’s place…I will have to go and look today!

Ethan is taking a little while to get used to his environment bearing in mind that he was last in his room when he was 4months old, 3months ago!!!!  He slept as “normal” (by normal, I mean waking up 5/6times a night 😦 ) on Saturday and Sunday, but then last night, after sleeping right through from 8am to 1:30am (his usual feeding time), it took me almost two hours to put him back to bed.  Now if you think THAT’S bad…Angelo woke up to help with the feed but couldn’t as he had a terrible nose bleed (something he’s never had!) and once Ethan finally fell asleep, I went to get some headache tablets for Angelo as when I woke him up to check on him, he said his head was pounding, only for the light bulb in the bathroom to blow as I switched the light on.  So yeah, it never rains, it pours.  But it’s GREAT to be back…there’s no place like home 🙂 🙂 🙂 


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  1. lorna says:

    i am sitting here saturday morning at 8am having a good old laugh about your move. it can be very stressful. have you found your ring yet. little ethan is adorable. chat later. love to you 3

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