Raising six kids is easy…REALLY ANGELINA JOLIE?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s because you probably have a day nurse, a night nurse, a gardener, a domestic…oh no, let’s make that two per child probably.  I came across an article this morning where Angelina Jolie waffled on about how she finds it easy to raise her 6kids and although she’s sleep deprived sometimes, it’s getting easier now that her kids are getting older.  Ummm, again, WHAT WORLD DOES SHE LIVE IN or do I just have a child who isn’t as “trained” as her children?

I must admit, I wasn’t exactly in the best frame of mind when I read this article.  As I’ve blogged about so many times before, Ethan used to sleep pretty well, but over the last few months, he’s started sleeping badly.  Night before last, he was up between 1 and 3am not wanting to play but just not wanting to sleep.  Of course, this doesn’t exactly work for me or the knocked out cold hubby lovely man so there sat mummy forcing gently rocking Ethan back to sleep…we can’t very well get into a habit of being awake at that unearthly hour now can we. 

So of course, last night, I was EXHAUSTED (exhauted being a complete understament for how I was feeling!) and I was really hoping that Ethan would have a better night.  Roll on bedtime, 7:30pm, and Master Howe was clearly exhausted…starting to moan, battling to keep his eyes open, not wanting me to walk away and leave him alone with his toys…all the signs that of course mummy can pick up on but baby chooses to ignore, as when it came to putting him to bed, he point blank refused and chose rather to play with my face and giggle and chat away.  So I abandoned that plan for 10minutes, just enough time to scoff down my superb lasagne! 

Ten minutes later, I tried for a second time.  Fortunately, that worked and Master Howe hit the sack all warm and cosy in his cot.  Off I went to bed an hour later hoping that I’d at least get a good couple of hours sleep in.  Of course, I couldn’t get to bed immediately for a number of reasons but mainly because I STILL can’t find my wedding ring 😦  So finally, after tossing and turning for ages, I fell asleep.  Just before 12, I was woken up by Ethan crying.  I went into his room and saw Angelo trying to put him back to sleep so I left the two of them to it.  Half an hour later, he woke up screaming again so I went into his room, fed him his bottle and put him back to sleep – he fell asleep almost immediately.  Half an hour after that (I’m sure you can feel my pain just by reading this!!!!), he woke up AGAIN screaming.  That’s when I moved him into our bed.  Now whether it’s because we’re back in our home, an unfamiliar place for him or because he was too hot or because it’s just too quiet or he’s having a growth spurt or his teeth are bothering him, I really don’t know, but this of course WAS NOT working for me hence the reason I moved him into our bed.  He proceeded to scream for another half an hour so I pulled out the good old Panado as I’ve learned to decipher the “just because” scream now compared to the “I’m in pain” scream.  I’m not sure if his teeth are still bothering him but I thought that now that they’d cut through the gums, it surely can’t be THAT sore but then again, I can’t remember what it was like to cut my first few teeth…I read on the Internet that it’s similar to the pain an adult experiences when their wisdom teeth are coming out and I know that that is hell sore! 

So from about 1am until 6am this morning, Ethan slept in short bursts, crying constantly in between.  Not even the Panado helped…I’m now contemplating using my dad’s advice and bringing on the big guns…the brandy!!!!!  Hahahahahah. Ag anyway, I have no idea what Angelina is on in order for her to cope easily with her 6 kids but I know that as rewarding as motherhood is and has been so far, it’s not easy being a mum.  That little smile still melts my heart though 🙂 


Love you my boy xxx


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  1. marissa de vries says:

    All part of the joys, Jods!! This too, shall pass! Hope you get a good night soon! Xxx

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