This past Saturday, we missioned through to Randburg to have our first ever family photoshoot.  When Ethan was born, I decided not to do the newborn shoot as we alraedy had so many pictures of him and really, when babies are that age, although it’s “cute” to have pics of them laying cuddled up or sleeping or stretching out after a nap, there’s not much that you can make them do – like they don’t smile, they can’t sit, they can’t clap and of course, the list goes on.  So I decided that we’d wait until he was at least 6months old so that we could get some really nice pics of us as a family! 

Of course, Murphy’s Law, Ethan (7months on) refused to smile.  He was so distracted by all the lights and the new environment and not to mention his Adidas takkies which he chose to start chewing 15minutes into the shoot and which he refused to let go of (we eventually took them off and took the rest of the photos with him barefoot!) that getting him to smile felt like Mission Impossible.  The funny thing is that Ethan is generally a very animated, cheerful, smiley boy as you can see from the pics below that were taken many months ago…


Are you talking about me mummy?


Happy Chappy

After us jumping around like lunatics to get him to smile and look toward the camera instead of everywhere else around the room (I even had to SING, yes SING…how embarrassing!!!!), I’m really looking forward to seeing the pictures and hoping that we manage to get a few really nice family pictures.  Afterall, the main reason that we went was so that we could get pictures of the three of us together!

When we got home, I was inspired to take some pictures of my own.  After having read the following blogpost some time last week – How To Shoot Your Kids – I had some ideas of my own and really, with phones these days, who ever takes out their camera when you’re just sitting at home to take pictures.  Now we don’t have the best camera and I am certainly nowhere close to being a professional photographer, but I ended up getting some really nice pics 🙂  I should do this more often!!!


Mr Drool-A-Lot



Mister’s growing head of affro hair!


Hey Mama 🙂


My favourite pic!!!!!! 


Doing the backward shuffle…almost ready to crawl!

Looking forward to experimenting some more with my baba…


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