This morning, while driving into work, I was listening to Highveld radio.  They called a listener to wish him a happy 43rd birthday and as per usual, played a clip of the song that was the number 1 hit on the day he was born.  He then had the option of whether to have that entire song played or a song of his own choice.  As most listeners do, he wanted his own song choice which was The Real Slim Shady by Eminem.  I haven’t heard that song in forever and as it played, I found myself singing along to silly lyrics like “my bum is on your lips“…hmmm, I’m sure sometimes these rappers just put these lines in in order to rhyme with the next one or even better, for “shock value”!  One of the other lines says something like “…nothing, Dr Dre’s dead locked in my basement“…the Americans are SERIOUS about their freedom of speech!!  I can just imagine a South African artist saying something like Jack’s dead locked in my basement (or more commonly in South Africa, locked in my attic which seems to have become the new “hideout” for our criminals!) and the police arresting them on the spot for suspicion of murder…

At any rate, the song really got me thinking about how modern day music is just so full of rubbish.  I mean, most of the lyrics are probably used to sell more albums and to get more followers – think Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It“, think Kings of Leon, “Your Sex on Fire” and more commonly, a lot of Lady Gaga’s music.  I know TONS of people who like Lady Gaga and probably even more who don’t. 

This week, I received an e-mail which is similar to the good ten or so that I have received before.  It had an in depth analysis of Lady Gaga’s music, how she’s a devil worshipper and how her outfits, make-up, lyrics etc. all point to the fact that she’s satanic.  Now every time I’ve read the “Lady Gaga e-mail”, it’s of course got me thinking, and this morning, the Eminem song got me thinking about this as well!  Some of the things that I keep thinking about whenever I get these e-mails are as follow;-

1. Firstly, WHO HAS THE TIME to dissect all the songs and lyrics and find references to all these satanic things…or are these people satanic themselves and therefore know the material so well?

2. You know the way that actors rehearse for a role, get into character, make it so convincing to the audience…what if she does that to create this whole perception that she is satanic in order to capture a bigger audience ‘cos really, all this sensationalism that she gets from arriving in eggs, wearing meat dresses, putting horns on her head…SURELY that makes more sales and therefore more money for her!

3. Then on the other hand, WHY would she go through all the effort…maybe she IS really satanic and that’s why it’s so easy just to add in all these references in all her songs and music videos…

4. But I for one don’t really listen to the words of songs and even when I do, I don’t dissect it and think about what it really means.  If she really wanted to influence listeners and convert them, wouldn’t she just make it easier and sing directly about all these things instead of having random images and certain “cover up” words?

I don’t know, I’m torn between whether she is really a satanist or not.  A large part of me thinks that this is just her way of marketing!  I’ve also received e-mails in the past about other artists who make similar references in songs – there was once even an e-mail that referred to Beyonce and the “others” also doing this and them all being part of this “cult”…doesn’t this remind you of something else…The Scientology church that all the celebs were supposedly all part of at one stage.

I personally don’t like Lady Gaga – it’s not because of any of the above, I just don’t like her music, the sound of it, not the words.  To me, it’s simple, if you don’t like her, don’t listen to her music and similarly, don’t let your kids listen to it either!!  I have much more important things in my life to worry about…Lady Gaga…b-b-b-b-boring!!!


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