So last night, I put on my takkies, tracks and t-shirt (and a long sleeve shirt and a track top and tights and two pairs of socks – yes, it is THAT cold in Jo’burg in the evenings!) to do my first bit of exercise that I’ve had done post-Ethan.  Yes, it’s been 18months since I’ve even attempted to touch my toes (that’s NOT an exaggeration) and yes, I have had no inclination to do any exercise and I cannot seem to find any time to do anything (don’t judge!! YOU try working full day, coming home to a 7.5month old baby who demands full attention and cook supper…)…it all started over at my sister’s house a few weeks ago…

My mum, sister, hubby and myself were sitting having a chat in the dining room/lounge when I casually mentioned that my super fit colleague managed to complete the comrades for the second year in a row, but unfortunately “bombed out” just over half way, and didn’t manage to make the time that he was aiming for.  So chirps in over confident lovely hubby in his usual humorous way about how he doesn’t do the comrades because really, he wouldn’t want to embarass the other runners who’ve trained for so long when he just rocks up without training and wins the race.  He proceeded to tell us about how fit he is ‘cos he plays soccer and always has played soccer and so he requires absolutely no training to do any running.  We tried to explain to him how being fit “soccer wise” is totally different to being fit enough to run an entire marathon and how it would take months of training and dedication to get to that stage but of course my husband (like most men) thinks that he’s AWESOME and he would hear none of it.  So my mum decided to challenge us!  Seeing as we couldn’t come to an agreement i.t.o. what distance is “do-able”, how long it’d take to get to that level and who’d have more stamina to complete a race of that magnitude, my mum and sister suggested that we start small and do the next 5km race that was being held at the Old Ed’s Virgin Active gym that my sister had done the previous month.  It was simple – whoever managed to finish the race would be the winner and would be able to name their prize.  Easy for me…two weeks of Angelo getting up for Ethan’s night time feed so that I could just lay in bed and carry on sleeping for a change! 

Fast forward a few weeks later, the “bet” all but forgotten by us but NOOOOOO, not by my mum and sister.  My sister signed me up last week and my mum was so super excited that I’d get a chance to “prove myself”.  Okay, 5kms isn’t a long distance but just bear in mind as I’ve already said, I’ve done NO exercise for 18months!!!!!  So there I was last night, ready and rearing to go in my jogging kit. 


The race organisers told us about the route and briefed us on the two different routes, emphasizing that this was NOT a race and purely a fun event.  That made me feel a bit more at ease as I seriously was imagining myself running for 5seconds and then turning back to sit in the car to get onto my BB to surf the net!  So off we went (no gun, no on your marks get set go, just okay guys, let go…sounds fun right…no signs of a race there!!)…I was pretty ambitious at the outset and decided to even start with a little jog.  This lasted for a total of 2minutes (if not less).  I think that when EVERYBODY who was running passed me, I was over trying to keep it up, hahahahaha (remember, this was NOT a race!!).  I turned around only to find the last marshall walking just behind me.  I politely explained how I have a 7.5month old baby (yes, you better recognise mr marshall!) and how I hadn’t exercised for donkeys years (18months in anybody’s books is just ridiculous!!) and I was even getting ready to use the age excuse (how he’s clearly a few years younger than me so he can’t expect me to be as fit as him) when he politely entertained my “wow” statements and said how great it was that I was taking part and how he was happy that he’d make a good friend ‘cos he’d walk the entire race with me.  My sister of course was having none of this.  She ensured that she brisk walked a few metres ahead of me to inspire me to keep up the pace.  It actually worked!  I even left the marshall in my tracks eating my dust (ha – take that – *ninja punch* :-)). 

After what I thought would be about half way, I shouted over to my sister as to whether she thinks we’ve hit half only to have her answer, almost but not quite yet…she failed to tell me beforehand that the gym that we started at was not at the “start” of the rectangular area that the route took but actually in the centre…you can imagine my disappointment when I saw the bright lights of the gym and adjoining soccer field thinking we were close to finishing only to be told by my sister that it was okay, we could turn here and cut the walk short ‘cos there was still about another 2kms or so…WHAT, 2KMS, OMW…HADN’T WE JUST DONE ABOUT 25 ALREADY????!!!!!!!  Okay, laugh, it’s fine, but when was the last time that YOU did a 5km walk!!!!!!  I insisted that we do the full route as I am a woman of my word and if I said I’d do 5kms, I’d DO IT!!


Needless to say, we eventually finished (is an hour so bad for 5kms??) and I’m proud to say that I wasn’t last…okay, technically, the marshall was the only one behind me and he took a short cut and walked in at the side entrance which we weren’t supposed to do, so really, I don’t think that that makes me last!! 

All in all, I’m glad that I did it and again, I know 5kms sounds very short but I was seriously worried that I wouldn’t make it.  Now to convince the hubby that I won and that he needs to suck it up and do the middle of the night feeds as we had agreed on.  On the plus side, he DID look after Ethan last night and I got to go out for dinner and a drink after the walk with my sister and her friend and get home to a quiet house with Ethan safely tucked into bed snd soundly sleeping…thanks babe xxx

** Keep watching this space…more exercise stories to come soon – fingers crossed that I can actually keep it up!.


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  1. ZElda says:

    You go Jo! I’m sooooo proud of you. A woman of your word. Well done! So this is just the start …. it will be easier next time. What with the program your over-enthusiastic sister has lined up for you; and the encouragement of your mum coaching from the side lines? I’d say you’re ‘A’ FOR ‘AWAY’

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