I love my company!  No, I don’t love my work…read that line again, I love my company i.e. I love the company that I work for!! 

I moved across the road close on two years ago.  I was at my previous company for over three years and I just felt like I’d had enough – I needed a change.  You know that feeling when you HATE coming to work, you can’t even step out of bed, you have to FORCE yourself to drive into the parking lot and you even want to “invent” illnesses so that you don’t have to go into work…I was at that point about a year before I actually left.  Coming into work at 7am every day was so painful that there are just no words to describe it.  I often looked at people like my dad and my sister to name a few, like they were going mad every time they said they loved their jobs.  Okay, in their cases, they literally love what they do but still, I was at the point where if somebody said – just stay at home Jodie, it’s okay – I wouldn’t even have glanced back…the people weren’t even enough anymore, I just.couldn’t.do.it!!!!  I wasn’t even worried about the bonus which I was hoping for at the end of the financial year, I just wanted to move. 

Along came an agent (out of the blue – I took this as my “sign”) with a job offer at my current firm which is directly across the road from my old job – we even share a parking – and with the significant increase in salary and a role that didn’t exist so was to be formed by myself as I went along, the offer was just too good to refuse.  As an added bonus, my old company actually DID pay out my bonus for the year afterall as a reward for the work that I had done for the year – so I didn’t hate them that much when I left afterall!!  🙂

When I told my old colleagues that I was moving to ‘the zebra’, I got mixed responses.  Many people said that I’d really hate it especially the people who had worked here previously.  They complained mainly about the culture and a lot of people said you either like it or you don’t, period, there is no “in between”.  I must admit, my first few weeks were daunting – going from being the “big fish” at my previous company to being the “small fry” at the new one was not fun.  You know that feeling of having no clue what you’re doing, having to ask people simple things like how to print, how to make an external call, how to get into a share drive to open up a document…not fun…and then of course, there’s having NO FRIENDS which for somebody like me who likes to talk a hell of a lot is no joke!  So yeah, to say the first few weeks were trying is an understatement of note. 

Then I went to the induction programme and I was so super inspired.  Every single person who spoke to us spoke with passion – they loved the company, they loved what they were doing, they all seemed highly intelligent and they were all very down to earth even the CEO himself.  Okay, I must admit, it tooks MONTHS for me to settle into my role but even in this time, I kept saying to my husband and my ex-colleagues – although I didn’t feel like I fitted in, I knew that the company was great and I knew that I’d made the right decision to work here.

Fast forward to today.  I enjoy coming into work, I like the people, I even have a few friends now who come in handy especially for those Friday afternoons when you just have no energy to focus and need a quick tea break!  Today was one of those days where I was reminded of why I like the company so much…it’s the CEO’s birthday and as per usual, he bought cake and snacks for EVERYONE…yes, all the people in the bank, over 1,500 people!!!!!  Where do you know of a company that does that?  It just reminded me of one of the main reasons why I love my company so much (other than the fact that those who know me will attest to the fact that food is the way to my heart!)…this company really has the interests of their employees at heart. 

So, L’chaim to our CEO…may he have many more 🙂


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