So we came up with this fantastic idea over the weekend…well, in theory, it’s fantastic…of course, in practise, it doesn’t really work – “Why” you ask?  Because we have a 7.5month old baby of course.  Yup, your life changes A LOT (as I’ve blogged about on many occassions) when you have a baby! 

So on Saturday, my sister offered to babysit for a couple of hours.  Of course, we took full advantage…mummy’s idea of “relaxing” is getting pampered so of course, off I went for a massage and a pedi.  Daddy’s idea of relaxing is watching tv with some snacks and probably a beer but unfortunately, daddy didn’t have as much time as mummy did because he was tasked with dropping baby off at aunty’s house and then he had to rush home to get done so that he could meet mummy for some lunch and a bit of a “catch up”.  We had a fantastic day out and I felt almost human again when I fetched Ethan althought of course, I couldn’t wait to see him!  We’ve definitely decided to try and get a babysitter at least once a month so that we can have some “us” time…afterall, we are two individuals and a couple as well so it helps to reconnect every now and again without worrying about bottles, dummies, food time, nap time, bath time and all the other things associated with baby!!

Yesterday, we went to Emmarentia Dam for a picnic…I wanted to get a bit of exercise (a follow through on the little bit I got that I blogged about here – Boom – 5kms baby!!!) and seeing as the weather was predicted at a whopping 23degrees and we had to get out of the house anyway (our house is on show for a few Sundays as we’re trying to sell!), my sister and I had decided that it would be the perfect time to get a bit of exercise plus get Ethan out for a few rays of sun.  So on Saturday evening, I relayed the big plan to the hubster.  He was all for it but was wondering how we’d have the energy after being up at the crack of dawn with Ethan to actually enjoy the picnic.  After much deliberation, we came up with this fantastic plan…silent picnicing…it looks a little something like this…




Minimum talking (actually, complete silence) and lots of sleeping (sleeping?! what’s that???? a definite long ago memory from “pre-Ethan days”).  Of course, with Ethan in the picture, we came to peace with the fact that that probably wouldn’t happen as his version would probably look something like this…


Yup, we’re at that age where he can’t quite crawl yet but he’s soooooooo eager to get around and to see everything!  Keeping him still for more than 5minutes is almost mission impossible!!  At any rate, while my sister and I did some exercise, daddy and Ethan bonded a bit – rolling in the grass, watching the ducks and watching a little girl fly a kite.  Oh summer, where for art thou!!  Can’t wait to do more of this in the future.  Ethan loves the outdoors and he even slept right through last night 🙂 


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