So this morning, I wrote a long blogpost on this subject only for it to completely disappear (yup, computers do these types of things on a regular basis, how annoying!) so here goes attempt number two.  I haven’t been blogging for a very long time and when I started, I really didn’t know where it would go – would I enjoy it, would I have enough to write about, would I be able to express myself clearly?  And a few months later, here I am still thoroughly enjoying my little “online diary”!  🙂

Yesterday I came across this freshly pressed blogpost – Is Blogging Addictive? – and it got me thinking…am I addicted to blogging?  Perhaps my first clue should have been that while I was reading the blogpost, I was actually in the process of making a list of things that I have to/need to would like to blog about in future.  Or maybe it’s the fact that I spend my lunch break reading other people’s blogposts.  Or maybe even the fact that every now and again I go onto the blogs that I “follow” just to check that I haven’t missed a recent post (no, I’m NOT mad, I’ve actually not been notified before and missed an entire blogpost or two then had to catch up which is so ultra annoying…yup, again, the joys of computers!).  As my experienced blogger cousin over at Memoirs 4 My Munchkins has advised me before, you need to do regular blogposts to keep your followers entertained…okay, I have a total of two or three followers or so (sounds like a cult doesn’t it?!)…but I find that I never run out of ideas.  I ALWAYS have something to write about, I am NEVER lost for words (a trait I think that I’ve inherited from my wonderful grandmother) and I must admit that when I do let my little inner voice come out and express herself, I always feel much better afterwards. 

So am I addicted, who knows!  But one thing I know is that I enjoy doing this and I’m looking forward to continuing it. So here’s to more blogging!!


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