…my wonderful grandparents!  Yesterday, after having a serious craving (and no I’m not pregnant) for smoked snoek, I finally bought a piece from Pick n Pay.  After sending a small piece home with my sister, I tucked into my piece last night for dinner…a smoked snoek sami with a little mayonnaise on it.  I even waited until Ethan had gone to bed and then I sat at the dinner table to enjoy it  🙂  It made me think of my grandparents…a smoked snoek sandwich was one of their favourites. 

This morning, I had a little piece left over which I’ve packed in for lunch today, but as I stood taking the fish off the tiny bones, it made me think of my grandparents again.  My gran had a real love for food.  As far as my memory serves, my grandfather not as much, but he would never say no to food.  In fact, when we were kids, it was a standing joke that Joey was the “hoover” – any food that we left on our plates was passed onto my grandfather, and he’d clean it up.  Then after dinner, he’d have his cup of tea and my gran would have hers (just half a cup) with a slice of bread and jam!  I think that most of the females in our family down the line have inherited my gran’s love for food…if you didn’t know that before, think about it carefully…where do you think we get our fabulous figures from??!!!!!  At any rate, this blogpost is in memory of my grandparents and the foods that they used to love (mostly my gran!!);-

–          Penny Lane…my grandfather used to take a glass of whiskey now and again, just a little bit for fear of the gout flaring up but my gran hardly ever took a glass of alcohol, not even champagne, until her birthday every year where she’d invite some of her sisters, brothers and friends over and they’d have a little glass of penny lane.

–          Meebos…every now and again, my grandparents would go to the “corner shop” a short drive away from home and get handfuls of sweets and dried fruit mainly meebos which we all have a love for even to this day…plain and sugared!

–          Jelly and custard…the plainest dessert ever, but that was definitely my gran’s favourite dessert.

–          Breedies…yup, you name it – tomato, cabbage, peas and carrots…eeeuuuwwww but they loved their breedies.

–          Fish and chips…they’d go to the fish shop up the road and buy real fish and slap chips wrapped in newspaper and have it for lunch.  Every now and again, they’d also have smoked snoek samis.

–          KFC…my grandfather’s favourite!!!!  When we lived in Cape Town, I’d go and visit on an afternoon in the week and sometimes ask them if they’d like lunch…my grandfather would ALWAYS opt for KFC which worked quite well because we could do the drive-through and it suited my “student budget” i.e. monthly allowance very well as well 🙂

–          Ginger beer…there’d always be a bottle of ginger beer in the fridge, my gran could drink TONS of it at a time.

Ah, my grandparents…I miss them each and every day…they were really both one of a kind!  So today, when I have my smoked snoek sami and glass of ginger beer at lunch, I’ll make a little toast to them yet again and thank God for the good years he gave us with them…here’s to you ma and pa xxx



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