Tomorrow, my folks and my baby sister are coming to Jo’burg for the “long weekend”.  I really can’t wait to see them!  Aunty Andrea last saw her godson when he was two months old, so for her, it will be like seeing a new child completely.  Nana and gramps saw Ethan a few months ago but will be very surprised at how much he’s grown.  These are some of the things that he’s achieved since they last saw him…

– He can clap handies,

– He can say dada (and he even knows who dada is now so it’s not just a random word), mama (I was super excited about that although he hasn’t quite figured out that I’M mama yet) and more recently, he’s saying nana (no, not nana in reference to my mum but nUnU) and baba too,

– He can vary the sound of his voice by opening his mouth and putting his hand to it so that there’s lots of wawawawawa sounds coming out,

– He can sit up unaided with no pillows behind him,

– He has sprouted two toofies, and

– He can roll over back and forth and shuffle along to get to whatever he wants!

Some of the newer “not so nice” things that he’s doing…

– Scratching and pinching,

– Throwing mini tantrums – he’s literally screaming when he doesn’t get his way but I guess as he can’t talk, that’s probably his way of communicating with us!

– Biting HARD,

– Grabbing at anything and everything!!, and

– Crying about 100times during the night…I’m REALLY hoping that this is a round of teething ‘cos we’re back to waking up 700 times (okay, a little bit of an exaggeration, it’s actually only about 699 times!!) a night.

So nana, gramps and Aunty Andy are in for a big surprise.  Both nana and gramps seem to think that there’s nothing to worry about and that in the four days they’re here, they’ll “whip Ethan into shape” but I don’t think they realise just how much of a REAL PERSON Ethan’s become now.  We also seem to be starting the separation anxiety thing so we’re trying to prepare nana just in case Ethan starts his heart wrenching crying when she tries to take him from his daddy!  Yup…you read right, seems as if Ethan is getting more and more attached to his daddy…traitor!! 😉

On the super exciting side, Ethan has been trying really hard to crawl over the last few weeks and he’s so close now, he’s even on all fours rocking back and forth and every time we go to his room to try and pacify him in the night, he’s up on all fours as if he’s trying to break free from his cot!…really hoping that he’ll get it right in the next few days so that nana, gramps and Aunty Andy get to see this milestone!! 

Wow, to think that our boy is 8months old already…he’s really growing in leaps and bounds and I know he’s going to be spoilt rotten this weekend. 


So let the countdown begin, one more sleep and my whole family will be together, can’t wait!!!!  🙂


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  1. lorna says:

    hi there, i really have a good laugh reading all these stories. ethan looks like a really happy baby. keep up the good work, mommy and daddy howe.

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