Yup, that word that every Tom, Dick and Harry seem to be using these days pretty much describes my last few days.  Today I came into work feeling super relaxed and rested…I was a bit bummed that Ethan was still soundly sleeping when I left for work and that I didn’t get to give him a cuddle and big kiss before leaving the house, but I have not felt so great in ages! 

This weekend, my family drove up from Durban to spend a long weekend with us 🙂  The snow slightly delayed their trip, but they managed to drive up on Thursday morning and that still left Thursday night, the whole of Friday, the whole of Saturday and Sunday morning for us to spend time together.  There are few things for me that compare to spending time with family – talk about food for the soul – we chatted, laughed, played boardgames, visited Bambanani (their website is currently under construction but I’ve found this rather old blogpost about the restaurant with some pictures – Plebs with Kids) for the first time thanks to Aunty Lauren (this is going to be our new hangout, I can see Ethan growing old in this place!!), potjie’d, and the hubster and I even got three nights all to ourselves as Ethan slept out with nana. 


Ethan keeping warm at Bambanani…

We missed him dearly even though it was only in the night that we didn’t see him and I didn’t manage to quite sleep through because my body is just so used to waking up so much during the night but waking up, turning around and going straight back to bed has never felt so good!!!!! 


Nana’s boy Ethan!

Ethan was of course spoilt rotten…he even scored a swing set from nana and grandpa (well, grandpa will inevitably see it on his credit card bill and nana will have to remind him about the blue and orange swing that Ethan LOVED in Jo’burg that was actually compliments of them) and he had unconditional attention all round.   


Mr on his swing…


Mr chilling at the coffee shop with nana, gramps and Aunty Andy 🙂

Unfortunately, Ethan didn’t quite start crawling as I had hoped but he’s now doing a funny sort of bunny hop so he can sort of get around and get to things that he feels the need to get to (within a certain radius of cause) but crawling is still a milestone that we are waiting with baited breathe for him to reach.

We are fortunate enough to be spending a weekend with my family again at month end in the Drakensburg…nothing like good family time to lift the spirirs 🙂  Thanks mum, dad and Andrea for trekking up to cold Jozie and missing out on the fab Durban “summer weather”.  I love my family!!


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  1. Zelda says:

    The long weekend was just as great for us – wish we all stayed in the same city. Counting the sleeps till the 31st August when we’ll see you all again.

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