Last week, the one thing I keep dreading happened – Jeanette was booked off ill (with pink eye – the doctor said it’s very contagious for Ethan so we had no other option but to let her go home for a “long weekend” to recover!!) and we had to “wing it” because of course, we don’t have anybody else to look after Ethan.  So our solution was that we’d each take a day off as we only needed to make a plan for Thursday and Friday.  I was super tempted to pull a “sickie” as my leave is diminishing at such a rapid rate that I can see myself in negative leave in the very near future, however, my conscience got the better of me and I took annual leave for Thursday after Angelo agreeing to do Friday. 

Now I must admit, I had mixed emotions leaving Ethan alone with Angelo on Friday as he’s never spent an entire day alone with him.  Okay, when logic prevailed, I did of course realize that the worst that could happen is that Ethan could cry the whole day, but really, who wants to spend a full day with a crying baby…and worse still, if that happened, would it have put Angelo off “babysitting” for life??!!! 

Angelo cleverly did some “prep work” on Friday morning while I was getting dressed for work to make his day easier – I had done the botties and dummies for him the night before – he took out Ethan’s clothes, the toiletries to wash him, his lunch, some toys etc. and he was all ready and rearing to go (and quite excited I may add!) when I left for work.  I think that secretly, I wanted him to turn around at the end of the day and go – WOW, THIS IS NOT AN EASY JOB AT ALL, I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT, YOU ARE AMAZING, I BOW DOWN AT YOUR FEET AND WORSHIP YOU OH MY FANTASTIC WIFE but, lo and behold, they had a fantastic day and everything went well 🙂  I only called once (my shattered nerves, I had to make a concerted effort not to call every 5minutes or send dreaded BBM messages for constant updates) and when I did call, Ethan was babbling happily in the background while daddy updated me on how the day had been. 

Ethan’s at the age where his dad is the bee’s knees!  He’s impressed by EVERYTHING that his dad does but then again, I would be too…when mummy plays with Ethan, we play with his toys, we sing songs, we open and close curtains, take strolls in the pram outside, go to the park…when DADDY plays with Ethan, they bang cans of spray together, grab at mirrors and squish their faces against them, play with the remotes, play with the tape measure, open and close cupboard doors, roll on the bed and all the super cool things that boys understandably enjoy…so really, I can’t quite understand how I thought that they wouldn’t have a good day.  In fact, I have a feeling that Ethan probably enjoyed his day with dad much more than he enjoyed his Thursday with mum!!


Ethan standing banging the remote on the table!


Dad and Ethan having fun in the mirror…

As my mum pointed out to me – years ago, if the maid didn’t pitch or was sick, it was just assumed that the mum would stay at home and take care of the kid(s).  There wasn’t any discussion as to who’d do what or which days each person would take…yes, times have changed and yes, we women are all about equality – equal rights, equal opportunities – but hats off to dad!  You proved me wrong and a big thank you to you for stepping in and helping out with Ethan 🙂  I love you lots xxx


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  1. lorna says:

    hi jodie, most dads these days are very “HANDS ON” so don’t worry. ethan looks a very happy and contented little lad. hope the lady is back at work. love you all.xx

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