It really is true that kids just grow up too fast.  I was going through some old pics and just thinking about Ethan this weekend while we were away and how big he’s getting!  From this…


…to this…


…and tomorrow, he’s going to be turning 9months!  In three months time, he’ll already be one.  Wow, I can still remember being on maternity leave and just wanting to have my baby already.  I didn’t care about the sleepless nights, dirty nappies, breastfeeding and all the “not-so-nice” things that apparently laid ahead…all I wanted was to see my baba and get the swelling in my feet down!!!!!! and to, of course, shed some of the 18.5kgs I had picked up during the pregnancy.  And now it’s almost a year since then – I can’t believe it!!

Some of the cool things that Ethan has done over the last few weeks…

– He can pick up small little objects and get them into his mouth…this started with of course not being able to pick anything up that was smaller than my fist to being able to pick up little things but unable to get them in his mouth and now he’s perfected the art of picking up small objects (thank goodness so far, it’s only been his flower shaped rice puff snacks and not the likes of screws, needles, coins etc.) and putting them straight into his mouth,

– He can crawl (finally after about 6weeks of saying every day that he’s about to crawl, he’s done it)…similar to the problem above of him picking up small “no-go” objects, my new worry is that he’ll grab something that he’s not supposed to and while kids learn as they go along, I don’t want him to hurt himself badly so now the REAL worrying has started!,


– He can chew his food…although most of the food he eats is still pureed down to it almost being a liquid, he does eat things like rice cakes and bananas for a snack and recently, I’ve been trying to mash things that are “mashable” instead of puree’ing (is that even a word??) everything.  Initially I was worried that he’d swallow bigger pieces causing him to choke, but our boy chews like a real big boy with his little two toofies *proud mama moment*!, 

– He can clap hands…he’s been doing this for a while but he now understands when you ask him to clap hands exactly what it means 🙂

– Something not as cool (or maybe even cooler, depending on how you look at it) as the things above is that he seems to think that his hand/fist has some sort of super power.  So when he’s sitting in his high chair or playing on the floor with you or even sitting in the bath, he does this sort of superman-hand-in-the-air stance where he stretches his arm out with his hand either reaching out or in a fist, clenches his jaw and makes this sort of aarrrhhhhhh sound – I can’t even put it into words but it’s almost a growling sound and if you look at him while he’s doing it, he bursts into a fit of giggles.  I really would like to know what’s going on in his little mind when he does this but it really is the cutest thing!

And then what happened this week Saturday was just THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER….my heart skipped several beats and I felt like the proudest mum on the planet.  So Ethan slept with his grandparents in a separate unit to us at the Drakensberg.  Naturally, I got up at the crack of dawn each morning to go and say morning to them all but especially to my baby and check how he’d slept the night before.  On Saturday morning, I walked outside our unit and could already see him sitting with his nana outside their unit looking at the birds and ducks.  When he saw me coming, he started smiling and got really excited.  I grabbed him into my arms and gave him a big hug, said good morning and then stood him up on my lap to have a little morning chat and get some more hugs and kisses from him.  He then looked me straight in the face, grabbed my cheeks with both hands and started saying mama, mama, mama, over and over again.  Now he’s said mama a few times before and he even does the never ending mamamamamamama (as he does for baba and nana – he’s definitely perfected dada and even mouths dad silently for what reason, I have no idea!!) but I didn’t know that he’d made the connection between the word and me until Saturday morning.  What a feeling!!  Love you my boy and I’m loving every little new thing that you learn every day…your proud mama 🙂 xxx


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  1. Robyn says:

    The sweetest words you’ll ever hear! They grow so fast! xx

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