This weekend, we went away to the Drakensberg for a long weekend with my family.  As children, we spent many a long weekend there with family and friends courtesy of RCI timeshare.  My folks have now decided to sell their timeshare and so, as a last “here here” to it, we decided to go for a last weekend away in The Berg. 

We had been planning this for quite a while, so when my mum got the call to say that we’d been allocated two units after being on the waiting list for a few weeks, our plans kicked into action.  Of course, nana was super excited because she’d get to spend some time with Ethan.  She bought a super awesome camp cot, all Ethan’s meals and snacks and all we had to do for Ethan was throw in some clothes, toys and bottles.  My mum brought all the food for our meals and Lauren and I were tasked with buying the drinks and snacks. 

So, Friday midday, the Howe family plus one (Lauren caught a lift down with us) loaded the car, and off we left for our midyear holiday!  We were greeted by weather of close on 30degrees on Friday afternoon and sat down to a delicious chicken curry courtesy of chef Zee that evening.  The weather played along with Saturday being super hot – time at the pool and a little dip for Ethan, trivia games, bingo and even poolside massages for some of us (yup, I am part of that “some” ‘cos where would I pass up the opportunity to have a shoulder massage!!!!) – with Sunday being a bit on the cooler side, but at least we had the opportunity to make a fire in the fireplace in the unit which brought back many a childhood memory of the winters we spent in the Drakensberg. 

We spent hours chatting, playing board games and of course, watching sport.  Overall, the weekend was absolutely fantastic.  Ethan got a chance to bond with his grandparents and aunties as well as show off his newly acquired skill…yup, he’s FINALLY crawling…and the hubster and I got a chance to relax and sleep without having to jump up for a crying baby (poor nana, she was absolutely buggered after three sleep deprived nights and crack-of-dawn mornings, it was no surprise that she slept all the way home to Durban yesterday afternoon!!). 

Thanks mum and dad for a fantastic weekend away.  Here’s to the Berg!!!! 🙂  I hope that it’s not the last time that we get to go there…


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  1. Zelda says:

    You’re welcome! Nothing gives me more pleasure than having all my eggs in one basket. Love you all more than words can say …. mum

  2. Kathleen M., RCI says:

    Hi there! We came across your blog and wanted to stop by to say “hi”. It sounds like you had a fun weekend holiday in Drakensberg. We look forward to reading about more of your future travels! Check us out at to read stories from other RCI subscribing members or even share an RCI vacation story of your own.

    – Kathleen M.
    RCI Customer Care

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