This morning, coming to work, I heard a story on the radio of a 13-year old girl who was shot dead during a hijacking in Muldersdrift.  It’s become such a “norm” – these senseless killings in our country – that I find that sometimes, I barely flinch when I hear or read these stories.  In fact, the news is overflowing with stories of parents killing children, people dying in botched robberies or hijackings, people being killed just by responding to adverts and meeting with strangers…where are we as a human race going?  Since when has killing become so “trivial”.  The sheer disregard for life that some people have completely astounds me.  How in the world do you just shoot a person, how do you stab a person to death (not once but twenty times or even more), how do you kill your own child and not one child (as with a recent article I read) but stab four and drown one?  What are people thinking?  What do they feel, is it really possible to feel absolutely nothing?  Is money, cellphones and laptops more important than a person’s life?  I always says that if I am ever robbed or hijacked (and I pray every single day that I am not a victim of either one of these crimes), I will give the criminal absolutely anything they want as long as myself and whoever I am with can be left alone, but are criminals even giving the victims the chance of that these days or not?  I mean, SERIOUSLY, how much of a fight could a 13-year old girl could have put up?? 

I woke up this morning to the sound of the rain pouring outside with my husband and baby cuddling next to me and I thanked God yet again that I am alive and that the people that I care for are alive and well as well.  I pray that God will stretch his hand over us and protect us so that we may not fall victim to any of these senseless crimes.  I pray that crime will somehow end or at least go back to how it used to be…that criminals will just take what they want and move on (although of course that is not the solution but at least an end to the senseless killings) and that even they will start realizing the importance of life and stop killing “just because”.  The most precious gift that we’ve been given is life and we need to stop taking it for granted!!

What Is Life To You (one of my gran’s favourite recitations…)

To the preacher, life’s a sermon,
To the joker life’s a jest,
To the miser life is money,
To the loafer life’s a rest,
To the soldier life’s a battle,
To the teacher life’s a school.
Life’s a great thing to the thinker,
But a folly to the fool.
Life is just one long vacation
To the man who loves his work,
But it’s constant dodging duty
To the everlasting shirk.
Life is what we try to make it,
Life is a story ever new.
Like the faithful, earnest worker
What, my friend, is life to you?


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