Me:  Happy Birthday *big smile with a big hug*.

Birthday Girl:  Thanks for much, it’s so nice to get so many wishes.

Me:  Have you had a good morning?

Birthday Girl:  Yes thanks.  There’s cake later [me doing cheerleader star jumps at the mention of this].

Me:  Oh nice.  Well, hope that you have a good day today.

Birthday Girl:  Thanks a lot.

[I then proceed to have a light breakfast sandwich knowing that I’ll have a nice slice of cake and tea after 10-ish which is the “usual” protocol for birthday cake in our team…]


Tea, no cake…


The worms in my tummy are grumbling, still no cake and lunch time is approaching.


Too hungry to even think of cake – off for lunch with my colleague in the canteen downstairs.


After our chicken stirfry lunch, we comment on how lovely a slice of cake would be in a half hour or so as dessert [only because birthday girl told us about it…normally, we’d have no dessert……except maybe on a Monday ‘cos everybody should have dessert to get rid of the Monday blues, Wednesday ‘cos hump day should DEFINITELY be celebrated with dessert and Friday ‘cos what better way to start the weekend than with dessert?! 🙂 ]


STILL.NO.CAKE.  No sign of birthday girl, we assume she’s out buying the cake ‘cos tea and cake at 3-ish would go down very well today!


Notice that birthday girl is sitting at her desk but no sign of cake that she mentioned earlier.


I get my tea ‘cos clearly there’s no cake going down today!  My colleague walks over to birthday girl to wish her and birthday girl points out to cake sitting on a table next to herREALLY????????????????  She then says casually – oh, there’s cake here for later…later like WHEN??


Over this cake thing already.  I’ll just have to wait until the weekend for my treat…buuutttttt…if birthday girl by some chance casually comes round to offer us some, I’ll definitely be first in line 🙂 🙂 🙂


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