I’ve lived out of the house for 12years now (yup mum, it’s been 12years, can you believe it!!).  My first two years at UCT were spent in res, eating in the dininghall.  For the first year, I had a half cheese plate (two slices of cheese, two slices of tomato and oh…is that lettuce, almost missed that miniscule shred!) and a Quali juice.  Other than putting on weight due to two toasted cheese samis seven nights a week for dinner and toast every morning after breakfast, I also started a huge collection of Quali juice (it took up an entire shelf of my bookshelf in my room) that eventually started going off as my supply was much bigger than what I needed.  Along came year two and I was lucky enough to move to a new dininghall.  The food was quite a lot different, however, toasted samis were still the order of my day as I was very hesitant to chance anything different after the shock and horror food that I experienced in year one!

At the end of my second year in res, I decided to move out into “digs” with a few friends.  This was largely due to the fact that I was sick of res food and wanted to have the freedom to cook when I wanted and what I wanted, and so my love affair with food started…

Those of you who know me know how much I lovefood – and those of you who don’t know me that well…I’m sure my “fuller figure” illustrates it quite well!  I like to think of myself as “Chef H/Chef Howe”, a name my lovely sister-in-law has bestowed on me.  Funnily enough, I am at my most creative on a Monday night and most weeks, my dinner choices go downhill to Fridays where I refuse to cook.  The traditional “Sunday lunch” seldom features in our house – let’s just say I firmly believe in Sunday being a day of rest 🙂

I like to experiment in the kitchen and before my husband can even get through his second mouthful of a new dish, I am already asking for the hundreth time for his opinion of my meal, poor man!!  When I’m feeling very creative (and when Ethan “plays along”), I even make dessert (hey, opening a can of peaches is still dessert, don’t judge!!) or bake.

My dinner last night got me thinking about all of this this morning.  I made the hubster’s choice, something I’ve only made a handful of times in the ten years I’ve been cooking…cottage pie…and for the first time EVER, the mash didn’t sink into the mince – it sat perfectly on top with grilled cheese to finish off the perfect dish and THIS got me super excited (this surely illustrates how much I love food)!!  Needless to say, tonight we’re having boerewors rolls, hahahah, anti-climax of note 😉  

I’m convinced that my love of food stems from my gran, was passed on to my mother and has now passed on to me.  When telling my gran about a function/party you’d attended, the first thing she’d ask about was the food and if she was telling you about something she’d attended, you’d better have forever and a day (and not interrupt her!) to hear about the food!!!

My life would seriously be boring without food and the hubster knows that the way to my heart is DEFINITELY through my stomach hence the rather large piece of cake he bought home from work yesterday for me (love you babe).  In the words from Oliver Twist…food, glorious food…wonder what I can make for dinner tomorrow night 🙂


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  1. lorna says:

    beans on toast sounds good to me ,with custard and banana for afters !! love auntie lorna xx

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