Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a mum and I LOVE my little boy more than words can explain, however, there are certain things about having a child that are not so fun…

FUN:  Having a baby, NOT SO FUN:  Sleepless nights (enough said, no need to elaborate!).

FUN:  Pretending the nappy is a hat and listening to baby giggle at your silliness, NOT SO FUN:  Changing a runny nappy in the middle of the night and early hours of the morning night after night after night (thanks to teething 😦 ) while baby cries with eyes closed like you’re killing him.

FUN:  Singing your baby to sleep and staring lovingly into his eyes, NOT SO FUN:  Finally getting him to sleep fourty minutes later after three failed attempts of putting him down in his cot.

FUN:  Spotting a new tooth making it’s way out, NOT SO FUN:  Said tooth taking weeks to come out and oh, did I mention sleepless nights!!

FUN:  Baby’s crawling finally!, NOT SO FUN:  Having to move just about everything around especially the cats food and water (poor kitties).

FUN:  Listening to baby giggle at new game – stand up and fall (queue mum shouting BOOM when baby falls), NOT SO FUN:  Having to do it 100 times and baby getting lazier and lazier to pick himself up and insisting you pull him up instead.

FUN:  Eating time, NOT SO FUN:  Baby sneezing or coughing with food in mouth resulting in food all over your face (eeuuwww!!).

FUN:  Bathtime!!! ‘cos who doesn’t like bath time!, NOT SO FUN:  Hmmm, I could list a million things but the worst…finding “bodily excrements” in the water…eeuuuwwwwww!!!!!!!

FUN:  Dressing baby in a super cute outfit to go out in, NOT SO FUN:  Having to change said outfit before even getting to the place you’re going.

FUN:  Dressing up to take baby out attempting to be a uber gorgeous mama, NOT SO FUN:  Having baby throw up on your awesome outfit as you pick him up to leave.

There, I said it!  Some things about motherhood are not so awesome but the rewards definitely outweigh the “not so fun” things 🙂  Love you sooooo much my sugar pie Ethan xxx


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