Last week, my dad had to make a trip “this side of the world” to visit two sites for work.  He suggested that my mum jump in for the ride and that they come up to Jo’burg to visit us after seeing the sites – of course, my mum jumped at the opportunity to visit her only grandchild spend some time with her eldest daughter and my family. 

They arrived on Thursday and were only here for two nights but I was so super excited that they were coming all the more so because they were only supposed to get here on Friday, but then my dad had a change of plan so they managed to come through a day earlier.  My mum sent me a message late Thursday morning to let me know that they’d be arriving that evening and I literally started counting down the hours till their arrival.  I was saying to my colleague that day how it’s funny that the older you get, the more you enjoy spending time with your family, especially your parents.  I mean, I’ve always loved family time – I think more so because we grew up in a very large “extended family” who we didn’t get to see so often – but the time I spend with my parents has so much more meaning the older I get.  I was thinking back to when we were kids and how my relationship with my parents has changed over the years…

–          I remember when I was in school, as a teenager, all I could ask for was for my parents to just go out and leave me alone in the house.  Going with my parents felt torturous…super embarrassing to me when I knocked into friends and my dad was singing Christmas carols at the top of his voice in the shopping mall!  Now I’m the one singing at the top of my voice to songs in the mall..shame Ethan, I am soooo going to embarrass you when you’re older…

–          Then I went to varsity.  I saw my parents twice a year, at Easter and Christmas and even then, when I went home, I divided the time up between my parents and my friends.  I would spend the mornings and afternoons with my parents and then go out for drinks/dinner/clubbing with friends in the evenings.

This weekend was different – probably even more the different now that we have a child.  My mum gave us the option of going out on Friday night and usually, when they’re here for a few days like a long weekend, we’d jump at the opportunity to go out alone or with friends sans our permanent attachment, Ethan!  As they were only here for two nights, I suggested to Angelo that we rather spend the time at home with them chatting and “catching up”. 

Oh, the laughs that we had!  We were all almost in tears as Angelo and myself explained to my folks how things are changing now that Ethan’s growing up…from tiptoeing around the house, whispering to each other and barely breathing after Ethan had gone to sleep when he was just a few weeks old to now being able to shower under three drops of water in about just as few minutes for fear of waking him up…point being that he’s growing up so quickly and we’re learning to adjust and things are getting easier every day.  We chatted about relationships and my parents shared with us what they’d fought about as “newlyweds” and we shared our issues as well – I couldn’t believe I was talking to my parents about MARRIAGE and CHILDREN, wow 🙂 time has flown!  Saturday morning we had breakfast all together at News Cafe, and of course, everybody had to take turns looking after Master Howe who got to nibble at a little something off everybody’s plate!  And just like that, the time with my folks was over, they were on the road just before two on Saturday afternoon and after a really enjoyable time with them, we’re on our own again and they’re back in sunny ol’ Durbs. 

I love my parents and I cherish every single moment we get to spend together.  It does seem that the older I get, the more I enjoy their company and I’m thankful for that.  I’m thankful to God that I have such wonderful, loving and caring parents and that he gives us the time and the opportunity to spend quality time together.  I’m already counting down the weeks till their next visit.  Thanks dad for your super idea of extending your “business trip” – you guys are always welcome in our home 🙂 

Love you both stacks xxx


Gramps and Ethan


Nana and Ethan


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  1. lorna says:

    it,s wonderful that you have so much love for your mum and dad, it runs in the family. we were all like that with ma and pa. ethan really takes after his gramps and nana.
    always smiling. yesterday was actually “give a smile to-day” day, around the world.

  2. Zelda says:

    Nothing gives us greater pleasure than spending time with our children (that includes Angelo) ….. and now ofcourse there’s little Ethan! What a JOY! I’m still working hard at getting that apartment in Jozzie – looking forward to spending much more precious time with my family>

  3. Marissa de Vries says:

    Aah guys! This is all so true – i also find that the older i get, the more and more and more i cherish my folks! Was just saying i want to spend all the time i can with them because the years just fly by and before you know it, that’s that. So here’s to family and the special bonds we have. Much love to you all! God bless xxxx

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