I’m beginning to think that Ethan indeed has this new “phobia” of sorts that everybody (including nana) is talking about…FOMO, FEAR.OF.MISSING.OUT!  Okay, his mother seems to have the exact same thing so I can’t blame him but I’m sure it explains the following behaviour…

–          Ethan’s short naps that sometimes last a total of 10minutes in the middle of the day when he CLEARLY wakes up not fully rested.

–          His terrible sleeping patterns at night.

–          How he immediately wakes up when the car ignition is turned off even if he’s been sleeping for 5minutes or less! 

–          Him literally jumping out of his car seat the minute you open the front door to take him out of the car seat instead of just waiting patiently till you get there.

Okay, these things may seem “normal” and something that most kids do, however, last night’s display was definitely something that warrants an Oscar!…

… So the estate agent who’s selling our house “pops in” to give us an update of what’s going on with our sale.  Ethan has seen this woman quite a number of times and knows exactly who she is.  The funny thing is that after all we’ve been through with her, due to her complete incompetence and lack of communication, we have developed quite a “disliking” (and I’m being polite using the word dislike!) toward her and we completely dread seeing her…Ethan LOVES her.  I can kind of see where he’s coming from because she’s quite comical looking – she looks a little bit like a ‘Who’ from The Grinch’s Who-ville but whenever he sees her, he’s all smiles and giggles. 

Last night when she came over, I had just put him into his bath.  Now Ethan LOOOVVVVEEESSSS water and especially loves his bath.  Generally, it’s a full blown war a bit of a fight to get him out and it takes two or three attempts to finally scoop him up without him crying or kicking up a fuss.  Last night, he was literally in the bath for five minutes when she walked in – he hadn’t even played with his bath toys yet.  She popped her head around the bathroom door and Ethan literally stood up in the bath and wanted to climb out.  He alone knows why!!!!! but there she was trying to update Angelo and I and there I was trying to wrestle my 10month old back to sitting in his compactum bath!  What happened afterwards is worthy of the Oscar that I mentioned above…Ethan is a real drama queen king…hmmm, I wonder where he gets that from *mama Howe hides face*!  I eventually gave up on fighting with him and grabbed him out of the bath.  All this time, I had been trying to listen to what the estate agent was saying to Angelo in the lounge, and just at that point, I wanted to add my “two cents” in so I walked into the lounge with Ethan wrapped in his towel to join in the conversation.  Ethan proceeded to scream and cry and tried very hard to get out of my arms.  I had to rush him into the bedroom away from the “action” to try and quickly dress him so that I could join in the rest of the conversation. 

To say he threw a tantrum is an understatement of note.  Even his dummy (which usually works) couldn’t keep him quiet.  He was disinterested in his usual bottle of powder, lotion, medicine dropper and the like that he usually plays with while dressing.  He threw himself backwards, arched his back and ranted and raved like a real lunatic!  It took me what felt like a million years just to get his nappy and vest on never mind any powders, creams etc. and I kept on trying to shush him so that I could hear what Angelo and the agent were talking about but to no avail.  Needless to say, when he was dressed and we went into the lounge, Ethan was immediately happy and even started smiling.

Is this a sign that my child has FOMO and what am I supposed to do to curb this silly behavior????  Just imagine what he’s going to be like when he gets to MY AGE if he’s like this NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



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  1. Robyn says:

    FOMO runs in our family, there’s no escaping it. We are all BIS!

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