SERIOUSLY!  Did I fool you AGAIN?  There you thought that I was sleeping pretty much through the night but surely you didn’t think it would last!  I thought I would give you a break the last few nights, give you a little bit of extra sleep, give you a chance to feel refreshed but then I heard you guys talking last night…

–          You said to dad that you really really missed rocking me to sleep like you did when I was a few months old…sooo, I gave you a chance to do it again last night.  It’s not MY FAULT that your patience wears thin after a few minutes of doing it because you’re not to used to it anymore!  Come on, you need to try a little harder!  I thought you got my message in the previous letter I wrote to you here – A Letter To My Mama…

–         You mentioned that you can’t even remember the “bad nights” when I was teething and that the idea of having another baby was not looking so bad anymore.  ANOTHER BABY????????  ARE YOU SERIOUS??????????????????  Unless the new house is a mansion, I don’t understand where there’s going to be space for another baby PLUS why would you want to share the attention you’re giving me now with somebody else, come now mum, back to reality please!

–          You and dad mentioned having a “date night” once a week even if it’s at home, just some time together with no tv, laptop etc.  I think you’re slacking a bit mum, going to bed at 10pm, getting used to waking up ONCE in the night…I just needed to give you a reminder that your bedtime cannot.exceed.9:30pm…I mean, seriously, you guys are really starting to let loose now, I think you need to start focusing on ME again 🙂

And so last night, I thought that I’d just shake things up a bit ‘cos I haven’t slept in your bed for sooooo long.  Now mum, if you had gone to bed at the “old time” of 9:30, you would have had at least two hours of solid sleep before I woke up (didn’t you hear dad a few weeks ago, surely two hours is enough “solid sleep”? the two hours that he usually is “on duty”) but noooo, you had to sleep after 10, no wonder you were buggered when I woke up at 11:30!  I’m quite surprised that it took you a whole two hours to cave until you put me in your bed – 1:30am…I heard lots of grunts and a few words that, let’s just say, I hope not to hear too often in my lifetime from my dad! but let’s face it, you guys aren’t used to me sleeping in your bed anymore – can I PLEASE.HAVE.MORE.SPACE…you give me a little corner and expect me to then sleep comfortably through till 6am…and what’s with the thick duvet???!!!!!  The body heat with three of us in one bed is insane – do we really need a duvet to cover us?  Now if you had just left us uncovered, I would have slept so much better.  And then mum, I heard you this morning (while I was drinking my morning bottie and trying to dose back off to sleep with dad) closing my bedroom window!  Hello????  You guys are seriously behind the eight ball here…how can you expect me to sleep with my bedroom window open when it’s raining cats and dogs outside!!   

Mum, okay, maybe I’m being a bit too harsh on you, sorry, ’ll try to sleep a bit better tonight!  I must admit that the bags underneath your gorgeous green eyes don’t really suit you.  Hope that you have a great day today…love you mama xxx



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