Why do Fridays ALWAYS seem like the longest day of the week?  I mean, we’ve BEEN having Fridays since the beginning of time – it’s not a new thing, people have always worked five days a week (well, people who work full days, full weeks that is).  Why in the world is it so taxing to be at work on a Friday?!  I don’t even think that the solution is to have four day weeks because then Thursday would feel like Friday and then by Thursday at 8:05am 1pm, we’d STILL feel like the end of the day was eons away!  Most Fridays, I come in and I’m pretty productive but come 11-ish, it’s pretty much downhill from there.  That’s why I like to try and pop out for lunch or meet somebody for a coffee sometime during the day…it makes the day seem shorter and it’s less painful than being just about the only person sitting at your desk in the office while everybody else is out for Friday lunch!  On the other hand though, are we not wishing our lives away waiting patiently for the weekend every.single.week?  I am yet to have a week where I’m not counting down till Friday. 

Arrggghhhh…here goes another slow afternoon.


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  1. lorna says:

    hi there, you should change your way about a dreary friday, and think, mmmmmmmmmmm, tommorrow is saturday, whole week-end at home, lovely !!

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