Yup, I’ve discovered lately that I have a few “UF’s”…unexplainable (I know, I know, the correct word is inexplicable!!) fears!  I don’t know where exactly they’ve stemmed from (okay, in some cases, I DO have an idea as you’ll read below) or exactly why my adult brain can’t get over them, but they have been part of my life for many a year and it doesn’t seem like I’m going to get rid of them any time soon…

1.  My fear of geckos!  (THE ULTIMATE AND DEFINITELY TOP FEAR OF MY LIFE!!!!!)  I haven’t had a gecko run over me, fall on me or fall in my bath water.  I haven’t seen one lying bleached in the overnight dish water.  BUT, I have seen about a million at a time in good old Durbs patrolling the house chasing insects, yeeuuggghhhh!  I’ve also seen them fall randomly in the middle of nowhere from the ceiling to the floor within mere inches of me.  For all of these reasons, they completely.freak.me.out!!!!! 

A word of advice from my grown up self in a few years time…Jodie, geckos CANNOT eat you, they don’t bite, they don’t stalk you, they WILL NOT harm you…in fact, they eat insects like crickets, spiders, cockroaches, beetles, moths etc.  Pull yourself together and stop asking your father to take out the broom and get them out of your room every time there’s one in the room you’re about to sleep in.  And don’t think that I don’t see you braving up to sleeping with one in your room only to sleep with one eye open watching the gecko’s every move…they WILL.NOT.ATTACK.YOU!!!


2.  My fear of choking on a potato!  Mum, I blame this one on you.  When we were in school, every now and again, my mum would give us leftovers from supper.  THE BEST leftovers, as most people from Durban will tell you, is curry/breyani.  In matric, the prefects had their own microwave, so on the days that my mum would pack breyani in for me for lunch, all I could think about from the night before already was how I’d warm it up nicely in my lunch break and enjoy it all by myself instead of having my “usual” samis.  The major problem was that I just couldn’t stop thinking of the huge potatoes in the breyani and I had this absolutely bizarre thought that I’d choke on them whilst eating my lunch!  It would drive me absolutely insane every time…my concentration in class would be minimal as all I could think about was the potato that would be the cause of my death at school nogal!!!!  I still have this fear every now and again and although I realize that it’s absolutely bizarre, I just can’t think of how to get rid of it.

A word of advice from my grown up self in a few years time…Jodie, you are an ADULT…you CAN eat with a knife and fork.  Just keep this in mind – you don’t HAVE TO choke on your potato, if you’re still worried about choking on it after cutting it up, you can always use the fork to mash it.  Come now, stop being such a freak!


3.  My fear of drowning in rice!  Yup, believe it or not…this is just one of those fears that I can’t explain and have no idea how I even began fearing this but all I can picture is me standing at the top of a silo of rice (heaven alone knows why I’d be doing that in the first place!!), slipping and falling into hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of rice grains and not being able to get out at all.

A word of advice from my grown up self in a few years time…okay, stop it now – you’re just being completely silly!  I have absolutely no words for this.


4.  My fear of a closed toilet lid in a bathroom!  I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that I’VE ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED THIS ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION (read “shopping at The Wheel and The Workshop as kids” here) or if I’m being completely irrational again.  Even at work where the toilets are kept pristinely clean by the cleaners in the building, I still have this completely ridiculous (yup, I definitely admit to this one) fear of opening a closed toilet lid.  If I walk into the first cubicle and the toilet lid is down, I’ll gladly reverse and move onto another toilet rather than open the lid and check that the coast is clear.  If I am really desperate and there is only the toilet with the closed lid available, I will tiptoe up to it half looking away before I open the seat and most times, the toilet is clean and ready for use but on the odd occasion, I still do open to a rather unpleasant surprise!!!!! 

A word of advice from my grown up self in a few years time…okay, I understand this!  Rather be safe than sorry. Just keep on doing what you’re doing and in that way, you will avoid coming across “unnecessary surprises” and ruining your day 🙂


I have no idea how I’ll ever get over these fears ESPECIALLY my fear of geckos.  You’d think that I’d have bigger fears than this but yup, these are the ones that keep me awake at night believe it or not.  Here’s hoping that I don’t pass down my “unexplainable fears” to my kids!!

What are your strange fears??


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  1. Marissa de Vries says:

    Hahahaha! Mine is the field mice that run through our ceiling at night! Because we live in a rural area, the field mice come up into the ceilings during winter to keep warm. You can hear them playing soccer up there! I’m terrified that one will manage to escape and climb into my bed and nibble my toes!!! Lol! Xxxx

  2. Robyn says:

    I stand in solidarity with you over the geckos issue. lol.

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