Yesterday, I stopped at the shop for a few odds and ends and picked up the latest copy of Marie Clare.  Over the years, I’ve gone through “phases” of reading different magazines, but in the past three or four years, I’ve decided that Marie Clare is definitely my favourite.  Apart from the super expensive fashion items that they recommend (I’m not too chuffed with this as my budget doesn’t stretch that far unfortunately!), their articles are absolutely wonderful.  Their articles are “real” and for me, they are informative and very interesting – they don’t drone on about 30 different positions for the bedroom, whether to dump your so-called boyfriend and when is it time to dump your best friend like some other magazines I know (no names mentioned but I’m sure you all know which mag I’m talking about 😉 )! 

This month’s issue really “hit the spot” so to speak.  It’s all around women and their bodies – how women view themselves, how their partners see them and what advice they’d give to their 12year old selves about their bodies.  Some of the people truly inspired me and of course it got me thinking…

Why are we as women so obsessed with our bodies?  Apart from the obvious health reason, I mean, who’s to say that thinner, slimmer, less cellulite, fuller breasts are better?  Unlike other magazines, they don’t feature women who are slim and trim, who have no fat, who have no rolls…the women they feature are “REAL”.  It so often happens (especially in our family) that people comment on how much weight you’ve lost and how wonderful you are looking.  We talk about not wanting to go into the next size – how we don’t want to buy a bigger size, we’ll just squeeze into the smaller one or we HAVE.TO.LOSE.WEIGHT…why????!!!!!!!  Why is it that a size 8 or 10 is better than a size 16 or 18.  I’ve seen tons of women with a “fuller figure” who look absolutely amazing.  They dress according to their figure and they just ooze confidence even though they’re not slim and trim.  Now I’m all for gyming and exercising and eating healthily but some women are just not small boned (read – ME – here) and even after cutting out treats, will NEVER fit into a size 8. 

There’s an article in the magazine written by a mother of three who’s had three caesars and now has a proper “muffin top”, lots of stretch marks, loves handles and all the wonderful things that you’re left with after having kids that people forget to tell you about!  She wrote about how she’d stress over and over again about going out in public and people asking how far along she is MONTHS after the pregnancy (yup, been there! with the person’s excited voice and all only for me to tell them they were mistaken and for them for them to scamper along, tail between the legs completely embarrassed!!).  She also comments about how celebrities are signing up for weight loss programmes even before their babies are born – with Mel B (remember her, “Scary Spice” from The Spice Girls back in the day) having had a caesar, she wonders whether they took the “before picture” as they were doing the Apgar test on her newborn baby, hahahahahahha, as less than 3months later, she was in absolutely amazing shape!  The writer then wrote her own blog and posted pictures of her not so flattering stomach which sparked a huge debate – she’s now even appeared on tv and radio (check out the Marie Clare for the full article 🙂 ). 

I get where she’s coming from though!  I mean, I was always the person slating my mum when I was in high school (sorry mum 😦 ) for her cellulite and stretch marks and I always said that I’d never get there and now I’m THERE!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot even look at myself in the mirror…but why?  I mean, my husband keeps telling me how beautiful I am and how wonderful I look and how there’s nothing wrong with me and there I am complaining day after day after day.  I don’t know if I should just shut up and go and buy a bigger size or what.  Seriously, WHY do women have to go through this??!!!!!!!  Can I not look at myself and appreciate my body as is because I think there’s something wrong and, if so, is it because of the media…the age old debate!  Why do we think that thinner is beautiful? 

Arrrggghhhh…enough ranting and raving…I’m off to eat a chocolate and buy a bigger size (for now!, I may change my mind again in a few weeks time!!) 🙂


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  1. Zelda says:

    A good read Jo! Brought a grin to my face – you wanna have that chocolate …. by all means go ahead gal – have a dozen! I’m just gonna quote something (from weigh-less I must add) “NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS!” LOL

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