Okay…this is certainly not a REAL milestone such as sitting (well, the nurse that Ethan goes to says that sitting is not a milestone but anyway…), crawling and walking but to us, it certainly feels like it!!

For as long as I can remember, Ethan has been wearing a bib – it wasn’t a choice but a necessity!  I can’t even remember when the need arose but I clearly remember my father and mother being here together just after Christmas (which would put Ethan at not even a month old) and my dad commenting on how children normally drooled so much when they were teething and he surely couldn’t be teething at such a young age already!  Ethan drooled so much that we were worried that he’d catch a cold from his constantly wet chest. 

As Ethan started growing up, I wanted to put him in “nicer” clothes especially when we went out with him.  I always got frustrated as you couldn’t even see his shirt with his big bibs covering them up, not to mention the issue of finding matching bibs and more recently, the frustration of finding bibs with a plastic back instead of the “pretty bibs” that even Baby City are now selling that get wet in a few minutes.  At one stage, we were using about 10 – 15 bibs a day and going out was a nightmare…the bag would have a few things in it, the essentials of course and the ever.important.500.bibs!!!!!!! 

When Ethan’s first two teeth came out, I was super excited.  I’d heard from so many people that his teeth would prevent his saliva from just dropping out but lo and behold, it didn’t change a bit.  And then a few weeks ago (after some serious painful nights) the top two teeth squeezed out and FINALLY….the teeth seem to be stopping the copious amounts of drool!  Sjoe, I am soooooooooo relieved, seems like we are finally rid of the bibs and I can start showing off Ethan’s “big boy” outfits!!! 


Ethan and mum out at Yeesh with Aunty Lauren – note mum’s “proud face” 🙂 

Unfortunately, his new thing is putting his hand in his mouth and biting on it which results in even MORE drool but that’s only once in a while – at least we don’t have to have bibs on constantly anymore. 

So another milestone reached for our big boy 🙂  He really is growing in leaps and bounds…1year in 6weeks time…wow!!


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  1. lorna says:

    never mind the drooling, is he sucking on a plastic bag !!!

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