Okay, so remember when I blogged about weight, plus sizes and women with “fuller figures” over here – “Who says “smaller” is better?” – ???  Well, today’s one of those days that I take my words back.  I did qualify my thoughts with my last line in that blog though by saying for now!, I may change my mind in a few weeks time!!  Let it be known that it’s only been five days since I wrote that blogpost and I’ve ALREADY changed my mind all thanks to my lunch time shopping experience…

WHAT.A.DISASTER!!!!  Don’t you hate those mirrors in the shops that make you look super fat or those clothes that are cut smaller than the “normal size” or those shops that sell clothes for super tiny women (like women that are a size 6 and below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  Today I popped out to Sandton after wanting to go to the shops for weeks to look for some new clothes (in a bigger size of course!) and a few potential Christmas gifts (yes, I’m organized like that).  As our new bond registered today *BBM HAPPY DANCE*, I felt this a good reason to splurge out and I so much like going shopping when I’m a good mood.  On the positive side, I found at least five gifts which is awesome and I found a few cute outfits which I thought I’d spoil myself with…EPIC FAIL!  Not only do I look like a house but I have to go not one, but TWO SIZES UP from my pre-pregnancy size…WHAT??????  So.not.cool!!  Fortunately I could get one or two things, but still, I take back what I said.  It’s sooooooooooo much better shopping when you are at “optimal weight”, when you can just pick up something that you like and not worry how it will look.  And you just feel so much better too!

So back to the drawing board…operation “do something about my weight” needs to get back on track…of course, I had to drown my sorrows (yup, that’s the nice thing about food and drinks, you can use them when you’re happy AND when you’re sad) with a fat piece of carrot cake but seriously, after today, I remember why I was trying to lose weight and for now (hopefully this “for now” will last longer than five days this time) I’m going to try to be good and do some work especially for my flabby tummy.  So here’s to eating healthier 🙂 

As my mum says (from weigh-less of course)…“NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS!”…hmmm, I wonder…


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  1. lorna says:

    yes jodie, most of us are trying to lose weight, it’s such a hard task. but we shall get there with perseverance. you are still very young, so it’s easy peasy for you.

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