…it’s our last night in our home!  Tomorrow is M-Day (moving day) and other than the packing, unpacking and all the not-so-nice bits in between, we are super excited 🙂 🙂 🙂  We’re not moving to a mansion by any means, but moving from a flat to a semi-detached cluster home with it’s own little garden, double garage and servants quarters is perfect for our little family for the next few years. 

This move is of course bitter sweet because our flat is the first place that we’ve owned!  We moved in here three months after we got married…after sharing with a friend for close on a year prior to our move here, we were ecstatic to have our own space.  A flat that we could do with as we pleased and that’s just what we did.  We literally, over the months that followed, did everything ourselves.  From painting the walls and ceilings to sanding and painting the skirting boards (of course Angelo sanded and I followed with the paint but we did it as a team).  We got new carpets put in, put up fancy curtain railings, new cupboard handles and more recently, we redid our bathroom, retiled the floors and replaced the kitchen counter tops.  And then of course, who could forget our life changing moment that happened in this house – our first child, baby Ethan, was born here 🙂  Ah…the memories. 

Nevertheless, we are ecstatic to start this brand new chapter in our lives.  I’m hoping that all will go smoothly, and that before we know it, we will be happily in our new house.


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  1. lorna says:

    wonderful !! hope the move goes well. coming to see your new house next year.

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