The last few nights have been horrendous…not only does the hubster have a terrible cough, but so does Ethan 😦  The doctor says it’s just a post nasal drip on the back of the flu that they both had and they’ve both got meds that will hopefully clear everything up in the near future, but boy, am I tired!!!!  I’ve literally been up through them both coughing for about four nights in a row – heaven alone knows why they can’t co-ordinate their coughing and do it at the same time…I mean, can they just TRY and be considerate of poor mum who has to wake up to feed Ethan AND wake up if he wakes up any other time of the night? 

I woke up this morning after a night ALONE in our extra length queen size bed as the hubster decided to sleep on the couch and wake up for Ethan (let’s just say that the intention was great but he failed to wake up when Ethan woke up so it didn’t really help!!) and I felt super exhausted.  On top of it all, I also had a headache.  I wonder when I’ll wake up and feel well rested?  Will it EVER happen again????  I was just thinking this morning that I honestly feel like 77,000 hours of uninterrupted sleep will not even help me at this stage!  And then I remembered….…Ethan is going to spend a week at nana and gramps’ house in December and in that week, I am going to make the most of my sleep!!!!!!!  Okay, I KNOW that I’ll we’ll probably still be up all night (out of sheer habit) and I also know that a person can never catch up on sleep but for now, I’ll going to allow myself fantasize and pretend that that will solve all my sleep issues 🙂 

I came across the following blogpost this morning and couldn’t help but laugh…oh boy, is this what my life is going to be like for next couple of years…

50 Shades of Grey (for moms)

One things for sure, I wouldn’t give any of it up for anything in the world.  Our precious boy is just so worth it!  Love you boy xxx



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  1. lorna says:

    what a lovely picture jodie

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