The past few days have been wonderful.  You know that constant feeling of happiness…we’ve been having it 🙂  Going home has never been so wonderful before.  And that’s not because we’ve never owned our house before and therefore it’s never felt like OURS…in fact, we still own our old flat…well, at least for the next few weeks until transfer goes through to the new owners…but this house really feels like the perfect place.  You know that feeling when you can’t wait to get home on a Friday ‘cos you know it’s the weekend?  Multiply that by a million (at least)!!!!!  The extra space in our new home is fantastic.  Okay, we’re not in a mansion, but our new place is double the size of our old flat which in itself makes a difference.  We have a BATH now (yup, we’ve only had a shower for close on a year now after we redid our flat and replaced the bathtub with a shower!), in fact, we have two bathrooms!, we have a spare room (we converted our spare room to Ethan’s room when we found out we had a baba on the way 🙂 so having an extra room is an added bonus for us now), we have our own little garden with a covered patio and the sun shines on it from mid-morning right through to the afternoon, we have a double garage and we have an enclosed kitchen i.e. for a change, our kitchen/lounge/diningroom don’t merge into one.  The extra space is amazing!!!!  In our old flat, you could barely manage to sigh and everyone in the house would hear you.  Now I can curse the hubby for something he hasn’t done mumble to myself with nobody else hearing me if I’m in my room on my own and they’re on the lounge side! 

This weekend was spent doing up the house.  Who would have imagined that we could do grocery shopping and visit Builders Warehouse on a Friday afternoon!!!!!!  Who.does.that???  Us of course ‘cos that’s how the Howes roll 🙂  Angelo was already busy fixing screws and replacing knobs on Friday night and Saturday and Sunday involved much of the same thing.  We went looking for curtains, lounge suites, décor and yesterday evening, we even managed to put up some of our stuff on the walls.  The house is coming along superbly and even the odd argument we’ve had over the last few days has felt like next to nothing compared to our wonderful home.  Mr Howe junior is thoroughly enjoying the extra space, the yard and not to mention the bath that he enjoys crawling and walking around in when it comes to bath time.  We’ve also moved in in time for his first birthday which is exactly a month from today.  Of course, I’m trying to curb my urge to “go big” but just to have his cousins/friends over in our own yard for cake and sweeties will make my heart swell with pride. 

On that note, I wonder how long it is till home time 🙂 🙂 🙂  Can’t wait to go home!!!


If you visit us, this is a glimpse of the front of our house…but pop over any time for a full tour, the more the merrier 🙂


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