This past weekend was awesome!  You know one of those weekends that you just feel relaxed after (no, I didn’t say RESTED, I said relaxed) and everybody’s on the same page…hubby, me, baby.  I won’t lie, the first few months after Ethan’s birth were tough, as every mother would know – having a baby in your life totally changes everything!  From the sleepless nights to the crack of dawn mornings.  Your life is just not the same anymore!  You can’t just meet up with friends for drinks/dinner and stay out till all hours.  Shopping is no longer an enjoyment and a chance to spoil yourself, it’s more of a necessity…who would have thought that we’d be shopping for groceries on a Friday night!  Everything revolves around baby, his sleeping routine, his eating routine, his extra mural activities as he gets older, but over the last few months, we’ve settled into a nice little pattern.  Ethan of course is much more flexible and gets even more so, the older he gets.  Going out for a few hours is no longer a painful experience – he enjoys being out, sitting in the trolley, playing around in a park, visiting friends and having friends over.  We no longer have to tiptoe around the house when he sleeps, he’s more flexible with eating and sleeping and I guess we’ve also relaxed a lot more.  We have a routine, yes, but we’re not bound by it, it’s more of a guideline now.  And of course, in our new house, we’re all smiles and excitement constantly which adds to the enjoyment of the weekend and makes the routine seem like a minor little thing, not something that we’re governed by!!

So this weekend was a combination of a lot of the above.  We’ve got a new Friday routine – no, not Builders Warehouse or Pick ‘n Pay, both of which we visited the last two Fridays – but take-out for dinner and the comedy channel before bed.  Saturday morning was Ethan’s usual swimming lesson and after his usual long “post-swimming nap”, we headed off to look for furniture.  Ethan loved it…he jumped on the beds, crawled on the couches, walked around the tables and tried to talk to all the other friendly shoppers.  He napped on the way home and we even spent the afternoon playing in the garden while the hubster did his “man of the house chores” 🙂  Sunday morning started off earlier than we would have liked (funny how in the week, Ethan happily sleeps till 7! and on the weekend, he’s up before 6!!!) but again, we were A-for-away after his morning nap (the hubster even popped out for a haircut and the superbly awesome wife/mother I made the bottles, cleaned up and prepared some snacks for our afternoon visitors).  We bought some new furniture which we’re super excited about…we’re patiently waiting for the furniture store to call to confirm when they’ll be delivering…we met with some friends for lunch and had very good friends of ours pop around (very good timing on their part, half an hour late, but they arrived just as Ethan woke up from his afternoon nap!) for drinks and snacks.  After Ethan familiarized himself with them, he was all smiles – showing off for our guests, chatting away one to the dozen.  He had his bath at the usual time and even lasted an hour after his usual bed time before he collapsed in a heap in his cot.  After our friends left and we cleaned up a bit, we sat back and relaxed picturing our new furniture in our new home and chatting about how big our boy has grown!  To think that he’ll be a year in three weeks – wow! time has certainly flown.

Having fun


Playing in the garden

This coming weekend, my folks and sister are visiting from Durban.  My mum and I are going to be very busy sorting curtains out but I’m really looking forward to spending quality time with the entire family and we’re especially looking forward to our night out at the theatre on Friday night!  Ethan will be at home with his nanny for the first time in the night and will unfortunately have to miss out on the outing…but I’m sure that he’ll be spoilt rotten by his grandparents for the rest of the weekend!!


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