This past weekend was fantastic!!  My baby sister and my folks came up from Durban to spend a long weekend with us.  On Friday night, Ethan stayed at home with our nanny and the adults all went out for a fancy dinner and a show.  We were super busy on Saturday between swimming in the morning, curtain hunting afterwards and the men DIY’ing up a storm at home while Ethan had a THREE HOUR NAP!!!!!  A braai was a great way to end off the day with supper and drinks outside on the patio.  On Sunday morning, we went to church as a family which is always nice and had breakfast at Tashas thereafter.  [I must mention (as a side) at this point that we saw the lovely Oscar Pistorius there with a noticeable blue eye and cotton wool patch on the back of his head as if he had been in a fight the night before…I was keen to ask for a picture being the over enthusiastic person that I am, but he just strikes me as somebody who’d turn his nose down at us “plebbs” so I decided not to embarrass myself…it was bad enough that everybody was dressed up to the nines and I was in jeans and a plain top looking like I had just rolled out of bed (which I had just about thanks to Ethan for the fantastic sleeping on Saturday night…NOT!!!) ].  On Sunday night, the grandparents looked after Ethan so that we could go and see a movie – funny how the minute we get “adult time”, we think about a movie first!!…aaah, the things you can’t do when you have a little baby!!!!  Yesterday morning, my dad and sister left back for Durban but nana’s staying till Friday 🙂 

Now nana is thoroughly enjoying her first grandchild as I’m sure most of you who know her already know!  She goes around “spoging” Ethan’s pictures to all her friends, takes video after video of him on her cellphone and watches them over and over again especially when they’re back in Durban far away from him…in fact, nana even has Ethan’s giggle as her ringtone (much to my little sister’s annoyance)!  She loves him to the moon and back and I can see it every single day, even when she’s not with him – she calls, chats to him, asks after him and thoroughly enjoys our Skype calls every now and againespecially because she gets to see his face and how he’s growing up.  Of course, Ethan loves her just as much – you can see it in the way that he laughs at her (okay, maybe this is because she just LOOKS funny to him, hahahah, no offense mum), the way he enjoys playing with her, his smile when we Skype them, and of course, Ethan has been getting spoilt rotten by nana since the day he was born (poor grandpa’s bank account!!).  There seems to be just one little problem…nana makes Ethan a little bit too over excited at times and Ethan gets slightly carried away ESPECIALLY with his walker. 

Our boy is dying to walk…he’s a pro with his walker, waltzing around the house like he owns it!!  When he hits a stumbling block like the wall, the couch or a table, he literally lifts it up, repositions it and carries on on his merry way.  Nana and grandpa are super impressed with this as it’s something he’s learned over the last few weeks which he couldn’t do the last time they saw him.  Of course, Ethan has taken this as his opportunity to show off highlight his wonderful skills to them!  Both nana and grandpa thoroughly enjoyed this over the weekend and nana even filmed it at every chance she got but, as I’ve mentioned above, I think that Ethan gets a little bit too over excited when nana “eggs” him on.  Mother’s out there, I’m sure you can see where this is going…

So on Sunday night, while we were out at the movies, Ethan fell while pushing his walker around.  Poor nana felt terribly heartsore, gave him sugar water and I’m sure lots of cuddles but she felt so bad that she even got out of bed to tell me about it when we got home AND she got up in the middle of the night to check that he was okay, as he hadn’t woken up at his “usual” feeding time.  Like the cool and calm mother that I am, I shrugged it off as I know how Ethan is and I assured nana that this would happen plenty more times and she shouldn’t worry so much about it.  Yesterday afternoon when I got home, I immediately noticed a little blue mark on Ethan’s ear.  It really is tiny, but like all mothers, you notice every small little thing about your child.  I casually asked nana what happened to him – of course, she was surprised that I noticed so quickly – and she told me (rather emotionally!) about how Ethan once again fell while walking with his walker but this time, on his side, hence the blue mark on his ear.  Naughty naughty nana!  Needless to say, she’s put the walker away and refuses to bring it out while she’s still here this week.  I however brushed this off again, not particularly worried about it but it did get me thinking…remember this incident that I blogged about here – Bad bad mama – where, upon grandpa’s insistence, we didn’t strap Ethan into his pram and he fell out of his pram onto the escalator…and now THIS??? 

Hmmm, nana and grandpa, I’m watching you guys!  You’re going to need to raise your game a bit if you still want to have Ethan for the week before Christmas…hahahah, just kidding guys.  Love you to bits and thanks for spoiling Ethan so rotten 🙂  I know that he loves you both very much xxx


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