So this weekend, “the zebra” is hosting our annual work function…

As we’re a Jewish owned firm, no reference is ever made to Christmas, it’s a yearend party!!!  Usually, each division has their own yearend party and then “the zebra” also gives a party for the entire company as well, however, this year, due to cost cutting, we’re only having a party per division. 

In the past, my division has had a big party out at a fancy venue on a Saturday night with live entertainment, a live band AND you can bring your partner with as well!  So it’s usually a really great evening out – people leave their kids at home and get to let their hair down.  Last year, we didn’t make it as it was the week before Ethan’s scheduled delivery, and other than the fact that I didn’t feel up to partying it up with a group of serious party animals, I also had ABSOLUTELY.NOTHING.FORMAL.TO.WEAR!!  Of course, my team teased me continuously in my last week of work before my maternity leave about how they were going on first aid courses preparing for the birth of Ethan at the party and how funny it would be if at the party, I went into labour and had to be rushed to the hospital.  Needless to say, after all of those nightmarish scenarios, I decided that along with my reservations, there was NO WAY I was going to go, so I skipped it altogether but was sent plenty of pics from my team and they all told me how much they had missed me 🙂 

So this year, to a lot of people’s disappointment, they canned the “big bash” and decided rather to have a family picnic.  As you can imagine, LOADS of people are really disappointed, but when you’re trying to do something for hundreds of people, there’s no way you can please everybody.  Of course, this works very well for us as we can take little Ethan long with us.  Quite a couple of ladies in my team were pregnant around the same time as me so I’m also looking forward to meeting their little toddlers.  There’s also the awards that are given every year to 5 people in our division (a month before the function, we all get to vote!) who most display the company values.  These people are given a trip for themselves and a partner – fully paid, business class tickets and accomodation – to any city where there is a “sister zebra company”.  It’s always exciting to see who the winners are! 

So yup, that’s what we’re doing this week Sunday.  Really really looking forward to it 🙂 🙂 🙂


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