Sjoe, how long has this year been???  Getting up and coming to work every morning feels like absolute torture for me at the moment and what makes it worse is that EVERYBODY that I work with feels the exact same way – so not only do I get to work feeling unmotivated, but I just feel worse and worse as the day goes on.  My whole team has been on a “go slow” for the past week or so.  You know that feeling when the day just drags on and on and on and you feel like the weekend is never getting here?!  Yesterday, my colleague said how she couldn’t believe that it was only Monday and it felt like should at least be Wednesday!…talk about motivation!!!  I think what made it worse is that we saw everybody at our family picnic on Sunday and then again on Monday so it this weekend didn’t even feel like we were away from work…

The picnic, that I was so looking forward to, was very average.  For those who have grown kids (probably anywhere from 3/4-ish to 12/13 years old), the kids had…the parents, however, didn’t have as much fun running around after the children all morning and afternoon, shame!  For those of us with smaller kids, it was nice to be out with our families but it’s not easy trying to socialize with colleagues, eat a buffet lunch and introduce your hubby to your colleagues when you have to constantly watch over a little baba.  Having said that though – Ethan had an AWESOME time!  He ate candy floss, ice-cream, played on the poles, crawled under tables, over haystacks, played on the slides…but boy oh boy did we have to deal with the “after effects” of the day…on the way home, when our denace the menace little angel should have had a much deserved nap in his car seat, he sat giggling hysterically trying to bite his knees and toes (I’m sure this had a lot to do with the sugar high that he was on 🙂 )!  Needless to say, he finally napped when we got home out of sheer exhaustion, but he only managed to sleep for all of 25minutes and then proceeded to cry his lungs out for a good half hour after that – not sure if it was his teeth that were sore (he’s having a not-so-nice round of teething again), his tummy that was hurting from the overdose of sugar or that he was just overtired, but wow did we suffer the consequences of keeping him out for four hours and overshooting naptime!!  Overall, I think that for the adults (especially those who are single with no kids), the entertainment was purely for the children.  There were two live bands including Mi Casa (which hardly anybody knew!) but other than that, the entertainment was all geared for the kids so as you can imagine, there was LOTS of complaints and grumpy people in the office yesterday – talk about a bad start to the week!!



Ethan in his carseat on the way to our picnic – looking super cute!

Pole dancer


Ethan playing around the poles…our very own mini pole dancer 🙂

So, in just under three weeks, nana and grandpa are coming up to Jo’burg and they’re taking little man Howe to Durban to spend a week with them.  I have no doubt that we will miss him terribly, I really don’t doubt this AT ALL…we are however REALLY REALLY looking forward to the time alone.  We haven’t had more than one night apart from Ethan since he was born…we’ve had the odd day here and there and also a night here and there but to have a full week alone, just me and the hubster is going to be sheer bliss.  And NO, I DON’T FEEL ANY GUILT WHATSOEVER!!…okay, maybe a tiny little bit…but I know that the “alone time” will be good for our marriage and I know that my folks are more than capable of looking after Ethan 🙂  The following weekend, we’ll be driving down to Durban with my sister and we’ll be spending Christmas and New Year as a family in good old Durbs!  The last time that we spent such a long time in Durban was…uhmmm…NEVER!!  I can already smell the beach!!!!! 

So in just under four weeks we’ll be on holiday, a much needed refreshing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the weekend…bring on the holidays!!!!!!!


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  1. Zelda Tate says:

    Nice pic of Ethan hanging on the pole!

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